Monday, April 30, 2018

My Music Monday

This is the last of the reader's picks - at least for this go-round.  Thanks to those who participated and those who sent some in which I didn't get to - but will for the next go-round. I've kept those submissions.

This week it's R.E.M.  I didn't even know there was a video for "Driver 8", but there is. 

As R.E.M. songs go, this ranks up there in my top 10.  If I were doing MY favourite from the band, it'd probably be "World Leader Pretend", but this isn't about me - is it? kind of is.

btw....Pic a Day in May starts tomorrow. There will be two posts each an every day.  You can thank me later!

Sunday, April 29, 2018


We are totally crushing this movie thing this year. Clearly, I suck at making predictions.  We still have Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2 and Solo to to before mid-year even hits.

Yesterday we went to go see Itzhak.  Though, like Wham!, Mr. Perlman should have an exclamation point.

We felt it was important to counteract another Avengers movie.

This was a movie I wanted to see while we were in DC. It was in the 216 to, but I figured this was an "in the theater for a week and out the door kind of thing".  I guess I was wrong.

They're now on week 5 at our art-ish theater, and while it doesn't play at prime-time, Itzhak is still playing two showings per day.  It might be a surprise to know there were still about 50 folks there. It's probably no surprise that we were the youngest people 20 years.  We were only like 10 rows up, but it was far  higher than anyone else could climb, though we would have totally perished if there were a fire, unless we pushed seniors, walkers and canes out of the way to make it out.

While barely 90 minutes, I certainly liked the movie though I'm 99% sure it's just due to that I like the subject. Itzhak is smart and clearly talented, but he's a funny guy too. So many Jews who aren't Roy Cohn or Jared Kushner are though.

Not surprisingly, the movies tracks his career from early childhood until present time - even an unfortunate Madison Square Garden appearance with Billy Joel sitting in on the latter's "We Didn't Start the Fire".   Oy, indeed Mr. Perlman.  Other than Joel, the only other celebrity appearance was by Alan Alda who is looking old.

I take it back - there was a clip that included Barack Obama.  OMG I miss that man.

There were times - more early on than anything - where Itzhak had the entire audience laughing. But it was great to hear him play - though I won't say all of the selections were to my liking.

There are some great, but not happy, tales told of violins at the concentration camps - and how people refused to part with them, which is how they ended up there in the first place.

If you miss Itzhak in the theaters, I can't imagine it won't be on PBS next.

2018 Movie Count / Goal:  08 of 12

Song by: Cheap Trick

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Hanging Around

Another week of work, husband, cat and dog.  .......not always in that order.

I take one of these each time I pick him up from daycare - and it gets sent to 710 - so he knows the doggie has been rescued. 

Shep loves my mom - and vice versa. 
I was told by my mother we can't take her out for dinner because Shep wouldn't like it.  Lord. 

A dismissive HRH, at that. 

Soph refuses to move on the bed anymore. Shep must work around her. 

My fave of the week. He loves hanging with 710....and chillaxing. 

Song by: the Cardigans

Friday, April 27, 2018

My Secret Life

You get a second music selection this week.

I know you don't know him - or probably don't - but Randy Scruggs died last week at the ripe "old" age of 64.

Randy was one of the sons of Earl, who was a virtuoso in banjo and very big in the country music scene - and might know him from his "Foggy Mountain Breakdown".

Randy followed in his father's footsteps, but with guitar - working with just about anyone who anyone in country music, whether as a producer, songwriter or guitarist.

The man was fun to listen to play. He had an ear for music.

In 1998 he produced and co-wrote and album (Crown of Jewels) for other artists, including Iris DeMent, Emmylou Harris, Vince Gill, Trisha Yearwood, John Prine and Joan Osborne. Two others on the disk were Mary Chapin Carpenter (with a song I feature back in 2015) and today's selection,  "My Secret Life" which is from Rosanne Cash (who will tell you that Randy was her first adult crush).

I said it 20 years ago and I'll say it now:  both Carpenter and Cash could have benefited from Scruggs helming more than just one song. They'd have been wise to let him produce at least one full album. He brought out something in both of them that I had not seen before or since.

Alas, not that they took my sage advice, but now it's too late.

Song by: Randy Scruggs & Rosanne Cash

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

There is an interesting article in the NYT regarding a 'secret' meeting last fall with owners and players from the NFL.

While the meeting subject wasn't titled: 'What To Do About Colin', it was, basically, what to do about Colin.

It 'seems' like a good-faith effort from the NFL to invite select players to said meeting, but it sounds (to me) like they wanted to use them to send a message back to the rest of the players.

The owners are / were so worried about BLOTUS and his tweets regarding Kneelgate, with falling ratings and burning jerseys that they needed a secret meeting..............which then they released the details of 5-6 months later.

Clearly, some of the owners are so far up BLOTUS' ass that they call him by his first name only, not by his last and certainly not by his office. To me (again) it seems more about friends helping friends than owners backing their employees.

Some of the players at the meeting discussed the blackballing of Kaepernick with the owners staying silent - as would be expected from rich pussies.  One player stated he should be on some roster - and I can't say I agree with that or not. If his playing abilities are up to par - absolutely.

The article comes of as the owners being dicks. I think they are dicks - but not just because of this instance. It's just sad to see....and read.

....and for whatever you do: do NOT read the comments from readers.

Song by: Sarah McLachlan

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Seven Nation Army

I don't understand BLOTUS at all.


I thought he came to the beltway to drain the swamp.  That is a direct quote, no?  I mean - he's a career politician and look how good he's doing!!!

So it would only make sense to put someone up to run the VA who has done nothing more than take temperatures rectally and tell you to open up and say "ahhhh".

You'd think Dr. Ronny Jackson was a career politician. He knows how to lie and spin "facts".  239 pounds..........may ass.  He's perfect for DC.

Still, is BLOTUS a moron for putting him - a man who has no known leadership ability - to head the VA?  You know, a multi-site, multi-billion dollar agency.  And just because - and I quote - "is one of the finest people I've ever met." 

Great.  But it doesn't make him qualified to do anything.  ....but that SO explains, Eric, Donny and Ivanka.  You can't say that about Jared, because, I doubt anyone thinks he's "finest" anything.

But then I have to ask, is Jackson dumber than BLOTUS by accepting?

I mean, he's got to know he's out of his element. And by being a former military person, (or current?) doesn't make you an expert on veteran's needs and how to run something so massive.  You actually do need some kind of experience to do such things - regardless if you your boss wants to change the status quo.

As questions are raised about Jackson's drinking on the job and his creating a toxic work environment (sound right up this admin's alley), there is pressure for him to bow out.  ....and he should.

But this is an administration that pretends to care about the military and they don't - be it the VA, cutting veteran benefits, faux military parades, having the nerve to provide the commencement address at Annapolis when you got five deferments (though that one is totally on the Navy for inviting him).  You would think the veterans would revolt more over some of these decisions.

Maybe if they don't care enough to - should I even be bothered? It's not like I served.

Still, it comes down to BLOTUS.  Picking the wrong guy for the job and not being able to admit it. It might be an impossibility for the man to say "I got it wrong". 

He'll say, "he's great."  Next breath it's "he should step aside".  Followed by, "I don't want to put a man through a process like this. It's too ugly and too disgusting. ... If I were him, I wouldn't do it."

DUDE!  You're the one who put him up for the job. Pick a line and stick with it.  And Ronny - take a long long long hard look. This guy can't even fully support you before your nomination process starts - how do you think he's gonna be if you get the job?  (hint:  you might want to ask Rex, Michael, Sean, Reince, McMaster, Bannon.....shall I go on?)

Whether you support BLOTUS or not, why would a quasi-intelligent person even work for him - and do NOT say it's to serve your country or at the pleasure of the president. This is a man who repeatedly has show no loyalty to the people HE has selected. I'd almost get it (I said 'almost') if these folks were truly thrust upon him, but they were of his choosing.  But now that you've seen this pattern - why the fuck would you take a job offer from him?

I actually hope Jackson gets appointed and let him and BLOTUS run the VA into the ground. The GOP won't get another chance in a long time should it happen.

Song by; the White Stripes

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Open All Night

Another mass shooting.  Another time I'm not remotely surprised.

Of course, the location and dress, or lack thereof, is what made the story least to start.

Nekkid he came.  Nekkid he shot.

I never bother with the shooters name. It's meaningless and they're not going down in the annals of history or anything. They are blips. Giving them names - repeating and publishing them - gives them a feeling of power, or being someone.  They're not.

First off - the only wearing a jacket into Waffle House was a genius move. Do you know how sticky every surface is in there?  Boysenberry syrup all over the counters and floors. That stuff is murder to get out of your clothing.     (too soon?)

Practically though, it's probably harder to trace a scent, should one be using dogs, if you dress later.

While of course the murders are horrible - W.T.F. with the FBI and this dude's dad?

The FBI confiscates this will-be killer's guns a year ago after being arrested near the White House (which now is really just a northern Waffle House.....with the same clientele).......and gives the fucking guns BACK to his father? 

What the hell, man?

I don't care if they were owned by the dad or not (and I don't know if they were). But when Secret Service and the FBI see you as a threat here's a little hint:   keep. the. confiscated. weapons.

...and dad just giving them back to the kid?   I'm sorry - but this guy is an accomplice. The criminal court might not see it that way, but I bet the civil one will. Doubtful that guy will have anything to give the defendants, but fuck it, take everything he owns and sell it.

The truly plausible part of this whole tale?  The "delusions" that Taylor Swift was stalking the gunman. It's quite possible. I mean, is there anyone left she hasn't dated?

Song by: Darryl Hall & John Oates

Monday, April 23, 2018

My Music Monday

Reader's Picks.  Tis the theme this month. Perhaps longer.

This one comes from my friend Doug, in Chicago.  We were IM'ing last week and I was telling him of this "project". I knew should he participate, who his artist of choice would be:  Tori Amos.

The man is a fan-boy.

Amos, to me, has her moments, but I am no one to sit down and listen to a disk of hers beginning to end. It's rude of me to say, but to me she's always come across as a poor man's Kate Bush. She is much more prolific than Bush, as she has 16 or so original solo disks to her name - plus a few 'collections'.

It took Doug a little while to narrow down his choices - as the prospect had him reeling. Sometimes, Doug is too gay to exist, but I love him for it. Some of his choices were obvious - but he started really thinking and opted for "a Sorta Fairytale".   I hesitated to say yes, because I figured I might have already done that somewhere along the way, but a search of my blog tells me 'no'.

Actually, this is one of the songs I do like (hence why I might have included it before). Doug keeps hounding me to see her in concert with him. I probably should, but the shrill screaming in my ear would deafen me.  And that's just of him, not even the rest of the fans.

I have seen the video before too. It's a little strange.....and not just because it has Oscar winner, Adrian Brody, in it.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Contact in Red Square

I dunno, I expected Death of Stalin to be funnier.

My thought process on that is because it was from Armando Iannucci, the guy behind Veep. To be fair, Iannucci adapted it from a graphic novel.

And it's harder to make Stalin and the aftermath from the gulag to be yuck-yuck funny.  If it wasn't implied I'll say it now: it's a black comedy.

I have to say, the theater was packed.  I don't think there were three free seats - though it was a smaller venue. I was more surprised because the movie has been out here for well over a month. I didn't think anyone would be there at all.  Colour me surprised.

Love seeing Steve Buscemi in a role where he's not completely creepy - and add to that he's playing Krushchev!  He was great. I didn't even recognize Michael Palin. Jason Issacs (Lucius Malfoy), was perfect in his role. What can I say, Jeffrey Tambor was Jeffrey Tambor. Meh.

The story mixes fact and fiction. While you don't need to know the ins and outs of Russian history, it probably helps to know some of it. And yes, you can compare some of the lines to today's political experience here in the U.S.......and with Putin

There were times / lines / looks / actions in the movie that had a lot of the audience laugh - myself included. I just was expecting more - even though there was a funny running urine gag.  I enjoyed the movie. I didn't love. it.

That said, given the chance to watch it again (hello, HBO), I'm guessing I would.

2018 Movie Count / Goal:  07 of 12

Song by: Blondie

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sunshine of Your Love

Saturday.  Caturday. .....and a dog.

Delilah in the lower left window. Sam howling. Shep spotting me coming to pick him up. 

She's an in-your-face kind of girl. 

Every day Shep eats from this grass every single day. 
It's not upset stomach stuff - he just likes the grass. 

Pssst.  Don't tell Shep.  She's sleeping in his space.  Purposefully. 

....then there is the together time. 

Sophie never smacked him.  
She raised the paw after being chased up onto the chair. He backed down. 
Sophie rules!

Stripey McBrownerson bathed in sunlight. 

Song by: Cream

Friday, April 20, 2018

Tax Man

Bitch, please!

When he says 'more time' he means, never. He's just hoping no one will remember or notice - and if / when they do, he'll flip them the bird - metaphorically, that is.

This scenario is not beyond reason. It has played out time and time again - even with the promise of producing them. The pre-campaign, the campaign, but not so much the post-campaign.

He's not filing. He's not showing them.  Suck on that.

The bigger surprise here is that he had to make a public statement about asking for more time. Why draw the attention to yourself.    Oh..........wait...............scratch that.

We, on the other hand, did submit our taxes............and pay them.

Yes, there was no federal refund this year. Oddly, I'm ok with that, especially in this day and age. Both of us are ok paying our own share. We need infrastructure, schools. libraries, police, fire, the whole works.  We have the money to pay them, so why wouldn't we?

I'm fine funding all these socialist programs.

I'll be interested in what next year brings. In theory with the tax cut bill, we will have a smaller one, or possibly a refund. I don't know if any of that is true, but by that time, the mid-terms will have come and gone and the GOP might get re-elected on perpetuating that potential fraud......but by then, it will be far too late. November 2016, all over again. 

Actually, that's not true. BLOTUS showed exactly what kind of president he'd be, and he has been that.....and so much less.

Song by: the Beatles

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fox on the Run

The Daily News kills it with their covers. They put the 1980s NY Post to shame.

Sadly, Hannity's affiliation with Michael Cohen will probably come to nothing, but in the meantime, it is fun to watch him and FOX squirm a bit.

FOX doesn't care that much - as they are run like State News.  If Sean doesn't lose advertisers, he's not going o a weeklong planned vacation.

One can say that a news organization is there to report the news and facts. In reality, they are there to make money. They are a business, plain and simple. Hannity's ratings would have to suffer, advertisers leave for anyone in the front office to sit-up and take note.

Sure, he probably is /was ethically bound to disclose his relationship with Cohen to his employer and to his viewers. But when you think of FOX, 'ethical' isn't in the top 25 adjectives that springs to the top of your grey matter.

Listen, he's a douche supporting a bigger douche (if that's even possible).  So far, BLOTUS has been fairly teflon. Hannity has been down similar paths before - coming out completely unscathed. Cohen looks like a sweating pussy who will crack, given too much more pressure.  If he does and it chinks the armor of BLOTUS, so be it.  If he helps damage Hannity in the process - bonus!

Song by: Sweet

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Black Coffee

Could there be a more appropriate title for a blog post?  It works on several levels. 


Unfortunately, we had to have this Starbucks story unfold at dinner the other night with my mother, who was mortified.....................that people hang out at Starbucks (or Panera) and just use their wifi, or sit and chat and don't purchase a thing.

She was aghast that someone would go in and use the facilities without buying coffee.

Clearly, my mother has never interviewed anyone at Panera before.  Or had a screenplay to write out in public for all to see.

Of course this all went deeper. White folk sit around Starbucks all the time. For hours. No one calls the police on them for trespassing. Yes, I get that the manager asked them to leave and they refused, but the question really is - were they disturbing anyone to even get that request?

So that was one problem. Arresting?  Srsly? At least the Philly prosecutor had sense to not press charges - besides not having a case, why inflame a city?

I had to tell my mom it was most likely a race thing.

Say what you will about Starbucks, I think - after the fact - they did all the right things. Anyone else, if they addressed it at all, would have sent in a lacky......not a CEO.  Sure, he flew to town in his own jet (I'm assuming), but he came and he met with the gentlemen.

I think the closing of all 8000 stores in May to have racial bias training is an important move, even if it is just symbolic. Hopefully it won't be.

Starbucks does a few things that other employers should do:  pay a livable wage; engage their employees in social awareness; provide benefits and yes, even college tuition. You can mock their product all you want - they do the right thing most of the time.....and they make coin doing it, so the Papa Johns and Dunkins of the world can suck on it.

If there is a bigger downside to this - and I haven't been paying attention - is that the official word had been (and maybe it's changed):  "the manager is no longer at that Starbucks".   They never quite said if she quit, was fired or they just moved her to a different location.  I'm good with two or the three.

Song by: k.d. lang

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Ad of the Month

Ok.  I would never eat at Arby's.

Well, let's not say 'never'. I've traveled enough for work to know that when push comes to shove and you're in a crappy town with few options......

I mean, I haven't resorted to it yet, but like an inferior Bond movie might say, 'never say never'.

Yet, I am almost embarrassed to say how hard I laughed at this ad.  I think it just caught me off guard.

Don't ask me why, but I thought of Morty almost immediately - and I don't think he'd eat at Arby's anymore than I, nor do I think he is a Bonnie Tyler / Jim Steinman fan......but don't quote me on either one of those things.

Monday, April 16, 2018

My Music Monday

This month it is your choices.  Your favourite songs. Or at least ones you want to highlight.  I still have a few openings.......hint hint hint.  Still two more weeks left.....hint....hint.....hint.

This week it's Deedles' turn. The email I got - and I quote - says: You asked for it, so don't blame me for the gagging! We, my man, have totally different tastes in music.

Unless it's the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" I probably wouldn't gag. Maybe if it's GWAR or something. And part of the point of this is that all of your tastes ARE different than mine. 

I don't think I knew Ed Ames sang. I only knew of him from Daniel Boone.  And I feel the need to qualify that. I didn't know if from that show - I knew of him........meaning, I never once saw that show.

Deedles would probably be correct in saying it's not quite my taste, but the song is not out of the norm for a '60s tune regardless of who sings this. It's not bad by any means.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Of course I think Assad is a dangerous, deeply disturbed man. But so is the guy "leading" the U.S.

I'm also cynical enough to think that BLOTUS opted to airstrike Syria Friday night due to a barrage of unflattering press.

WTF is wrong when the pardoning of Scooter Libby is so on the list it barely elicits notice?

No - you got Comey's book snippets being released (which so far are horribly unremarkable). You've got the potential of BLOTUS calling Michael Cohen and potentially exchanging information that should not be discussed. You've got Mueller looking more into Cohen than originally thought.  You got potential payments of $1.6M to some ugly-fuck GOP fund raiser, from Cohen to cover up his impregnating someone he slept with (btw, Stormy's payment was way less - she got ripped off since the guy who fucked her was just as f'ugly). And you got Scott Pruitt caught pretty much in lies about not knowing of raises for his friends and financial ethical issues regarding his travel.

How do you deflect all that in a day?

Oh right. Missiles.        Duh!

Mind you, assuming the attack had nothing to do with changing the narrative, I'm also cynical enough to assume it's so it keeps Syrians in their place, so they don't come to ours - - with that travel ban we have of them.  BLOTUS don't want no Syrian refugees here.......because: bad hombres رجل.

But the Libby story should not be ignored. By his own admission, he doesn't know Libby and has never met him. He was a man who interfered and betrayed the secrets of the our intelligence agency to help support a buffoonish president (though now considered a genius by comparison) and a darker than dark VP. Or as some call it - treason.

Sound familiar?

As some analysts have said: BLOTUS is sending a message to anyone who might be under investigation for interfering with intelligence or justice agencies (far far far too many to name here, and don't want to pick on just one............Jared!). 

As you know - - pre-BLOTUS mocked Obama (via text, of course) about starting a war with Syria to increase his approval rating.  Irony!

I cannot imagine any scenario where BLOTUS would do something to get my approval.

Song by: Laurie Anderson

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Close Up

Sometimes, getting near to the animules is a great thing.  Sometimes they're all up in my grill, sometimes it is the other way around. It almost always endearing.  ....if I say so myself.

Mr Poopers at bed time.  He likes to be close - and i don't mind a bit. 

Belly up.  Sophie clearly doesn't feel threatened by me. 

At my mom's. I got up to use the restroom and someone stole my seat.....while tail went a-wagging. 


This was really in my face.
I love when he jumps up on the bed and Sophie is already there. He doesn't even dare try to move her. And she isn't going anywhere. 

.....and speaking of close up!

Song by: Peter Gabriel

Friday, April 13, 2018

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 97th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

05:05.  Insult to Injury. 
Dog walk at the rain. 

05:35.  Reading the morning local paper....on-line. 

06:54.  Running reports. 
Sadly it was 6:54, and this wasn't the first report I had run, so, yes....I'd been there for a little while. 

08:50.  Snack break. 
Listen, yes it's got dark chocolate, but it's got peanuts. It's all good. 

11:25.  Rushing to a marketing meeting. in which two of us showed. The callers of the meeting were nowhere to be found. 

12:30.  Lunch. 
It didn't suck. It was like a bowl from Chipolte, but without the diarrhea. 

17: 25.  Oh - those inscrutable Asians!

17:30. In the car. Ramping down. 

17:55.  Spring. 
OMG. It was 76 degrees  JP- that's like 24 for you...if I did the math in my head correctly. 

19:55.  Little recycling container gets dumped into large recycling container.

21:20.  Hydrate. 
Gotta keep that bowl full for the dog and cat. 

22:30.  Spray twice a day. 
I must be a jock, cuz I gots the itch. 

No baker's dozen.  Not this month. 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cooking with Blobby

Cooking with Blobby - wow - when's the last time you saw one of these?


Technically, it is kind of Cooking with 710. He's made a variation of this before, but wasn't home, so I took the helm so there'd be dinner on table when he was back from work.

This is a one pot / pan meal. And easy, as long as you don't fuck it up like I did. It was fixable, but I still fucked up.

First off, you see the Xs in the picture?  I didn't need or use some of the ingredients.

Let's run it down:

Tomato sauce - 1 cup  (though I used spaghetti sauce which had garlic)
Diced tomatoes - 14.5 oz can (which also had I skipped adding more garlic)
Water - 1.25 cup
Penne pasta - 8oz
Sausage - 3/4 pound.

First off, I substituted sausage for chicken meatballs that had tomato and basil in them.

You start off by browning the sausage (or chicken meatballs).

Add the water, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and dry pasta. Stir together. 

....and this is where I fucked up.  I wasn't paying attention and dumped in 16 oz of pasta - the entire box.  I didn't catch this until later. 

But first.........bring it to a boil, cover, take it down to a simmer for 15 minutes.  That's it. 

When I uncovered when I realized it wasn't right. Not enough sauce.  Well, there was, it was just double the pasta.  D'oh!

I added more tomato sauce. It all worked out. 

The lighting didn't seem to work here, but it was good.  I really enjoyed the chicken meatballs, much more than I would have sausage. 

Honestly, I'm not sure a meal could be easier.  20 minutes, start to finish. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Six Billion

Well, I guess I know one reason BLOTUS is all up in arms about the FBI raiding his lawyers office - I means, besides 1600 Pennsylvania Ave has more witch hunts than Salem - is that while I'm sure he wasn't happy, it was a nice distraction from the soon-to-be breaking news of the CBO projections for the National Debt.

.....and while he can try, BLOTUS cannot blame this on on Barack.

The deficit is poised to go over one trillion dollars (sorry - I had no songs with 'trillion' in the title). That is up 21% since BLOTUS took office. Not elected, but walked through the door.

And says the CBO Budget Director: the federal debt is projected to be on a steadily rising trajectory throughout the decade.  So - yay for us!

Oh - and that new tax law that BLOTUS signed? The tax law will cut government revenue by $1.3 trillion from 2018 to 2028.  Yay again!  During these years, deficits will average 4.9 percent of the total American economy — higher than at any point since World War II other than during the recession in 2008 and 2009.

So. Much. Winning!

Where is all this economic growth the GOP congress talked about?  Is it just me that is confused?

No - they're just hoping you don't notice before the mid-terms.

Song by: Nothing But Thieves

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Witch Hunt

Oh BLOTUS, suck. my. dick.

I mean, not literally.  Jared can - not because I find him attractive, I just think it's a skillset he's going to need while in the clink!

Actually, I know it.

Let's run it down people:

Russian election interference investigation:  Witch Hunt

Russia collusion investigation: Witch Hunt

Rob Porter: Witch Hunt

Russian investigation (again): Witch Hunt

FBI raiding lawyers office: Witch Hunt

He's a man of few words.

I wonder who the new and soon-to-be ex-acting director of the FBI might be. Because after yesterday, you know he's gonna make Jeff Sessions fire the guy..........or gal. I mean, I suppose Scully could have gotten a promotion.

But the FBI cannot raid a lawyers office without the OK of the DOJ. And Sessions didn't approve the act, it was my would be newest bestest friend in the whole wide world: Rod Rosenstein.

I'm guessing neither man is long for their job, because BLOTUS has his fucking sized 46 panties in a wad. But fuck, if they start taking down their boss, then I'm ok with their unemployment. The word on the street is that BLOTUS wanted to replace Sessions with that freeloading lobby fucking Pruitt anyways. He now has an open door.

While I hope the FBI takes down Michael Cohen, I get that the ire of BLOTUS could lead to the firing of Mueller. It's quite possible. He'll spurn all things Sessions / Rosenstein.

Let's not make any mistake if that happens: we've moved past insufferable president to dictator. No true DOJ, which means, no true FBI - no one to hold him accountable.

....except for the firing squads, but that unfortunately, is down the road.

Song by: the Church

Monday, April 09, 2018

My Music Mondays

I've left April open to my reader's picks for music.  Anyone - who hasn't already - who wants to put their hat into the ring can do so. Just looking for songs other folks like and want to share.

Who knows - this could leak into May.

This week comes from a long time reader and a longer time friend - who shall remain anonymous.  The email exchange went like this - which is why, of course, they'd want to remain anonymous.

Them:  My #1 choice is "Nightminds" by Missy Higgins. I found her totally by accident through Pandora several years ago, and if you look at Youtube comments it seems like a lot of others have done the same. She is awesome.

But if you hate that  <edited for your convenience until I get to this part> "Love You Like A Love Song" by Selena Gomez and the Scene - my guilty pleasure song. My desert island song. I can play it over and over.

Me: Selena Gomez?  I don't even know you anymore. (technically, I don't know her either. I've never knowingly heard a song by her.)

Them: I am 60% old man and 15% 14 year old girl and 25% unknown Don't be judgy!

Me: Don’t be judgyy?. 34 years later and it’s like you’ve never met me.

Of course, I'm going with his #1 choice.  I mean, it was his #1 choice!

I have heard of Missy Higgins, only because my niece covered one of her song on YouTube when she was still in high school. I really am unfamiliar with anything else she's done.

Clearly, my friend knows her better.  ....and our friendship is strong enough to withstand Selena Gomez.  If he does towards Demi Levato, I can't make any guarantees.