Monday, April 30, 2018

My Music Monday

This is the last of the reader's picks - at least for this go-round.  Thanks to those who participated and those who sent some in which I didn't get to - but will for the next go-round. I've kept those submissions.

This week it's R.E.M.  I didn't even know there was a video for "Driver 8", but there is. 

As R.E.M. songs go, this ranks up there in my top 10.  If I were doing MY favourite from the band, it'd probably be "World Leader Pretend", but this isn't about me - is it? kind of is.

btw....Pic a Day in May starts tomorrow. There will be two posts each an every day.  You can thank me later!


Cranky and Difficult said...

Right there with you, did not know there was a video to this song and Driver 8 is definitely in my top ten REM songs too. Also, World Leader Pretend is too. Did you know that that was the first song they published lyrics to?

David G said...

Wait, who submitted this? You are so mysterious!