Monday, April 02, 2018

My Music Monday

Tis the month - well week - of guest songs.

I've invited readers to submit a song they like that they'd enjoy sharing. This has generated some interest, but so far only one person showing up.

C'mon guys - there are FIVE Monday's this month. Help a brother out!

Greg provided three possible choices. While he didn't say it, I'm assuming he's letting me pick one of the three - so I am.

Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson (of the B52s).  I'll be honest, I know of the song, but I didn't know the song, not really.  I've heard it of course, but never went out of my to search for it.

Iggy is someone I've followed here and there. I find he's better (at least for me) when he's paired up with a female vocalist - like Kate, or if you have the chance, check him out with Debbie Harry on "Well Did You Evah" from Red Hot + Blue.

I think you'll enjoy this. ....and who knew that Iggy was left-handed?


Deedles said...

Left handedness is the only thing I find attractive about Iggy Pop. Okay, I'm sending you a song. You asked for it, so don't blame me for the gagging! We, my man, have totally different tastes in music.

Deedles said...

The song's been sent, you poor sap :) Don't let the name on the e-mail throw you. It's in my balder half's name. He'd probably gag at the selection.

GregM said...

Or feel free to use all three of mine. ;)