Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Witch Hunt

Oh BLOTUS, suck. my. dick.

I mean, not literally.  Jared can - not because I find him attractive, I just think it's a skillset he's going to need while in the clink!

Actually, I know it.

Let's run it down people:

Russian election interference investigation:  Witch Hunt

Russia collusion investigation: Witch Hunt

Rob Porter: Witch Hunt

Russian investigation (again): Witch Hunt

FBI raiding lawyers office: Witch Hunt

He's a man of few words.

I wonder who the new and soon-to-be ex-acting director of the FBI might be. Because after yesterday, you know he's gonna make Jeff Sessions fire the guy..........or gal. I mean, I suppose Scully could have gotten a promotion.

But the FBI cannot raid a lawyers office without the OK of the DOJ. And Sessions didn't approve the act, it was my would be newest bestest friend in the whole wide world: Rod Rosenstein.

I'm guessing neither man is long for their job, because BLOTUS has his fucking sized 46 panties in a wad. But fuck, if they start taking down their boss, then I'm ok with their unemployment. The word on the street is that BLOTUS wanted to replace Sessions with that freeloading lobby fucking Pruitt anyways. He now has an open door.

While I hope the FBI takes down Michael Cohen, I get that the ire of BLOTUS could lead to the firing of Mueller. It's quite possible. He'll spurn all things Sessions / Rosenstein.

Let's not make any mistake if that happens: we've moved past insufferable president to dictator. No true DOJ, which means, no true FBI - no one to hold him accountable.

....except for the firing squads, but that unfortunately, is down the road.

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