Saturday, April 14, 2018

Close Up

Sometimes, getting near to the animules is a great thing.  Sometimes they're all up in my grill, sometimes it is the other way around. It almost always endearing.  ....if I say so myself.

Mr Poopers at bed time.  He likes to be close - and i don't mind a bit. 

Belly up.  Sophie clearly doesn't feel threatened by me. 

At my mom's. I got up to use the restroom and someone stole my seat.....while tail went a-wagging. 


This was really in my face.
I love when he jumps up on the bed and Sophie is already there. He doesn't even dare try to move her. And she isn't going anywhere. 

.....and speaking of close up!

Song by: Peter Gabriel


anne marie in philly said...

they are ready for their close-up, mr. de mille.

Bob said...

In that first shot of her, Miss Soph looks so comfortable.

Raybeard said...

Healthy wet nosies all round.

CALVIN said...

She is such a cute girl. More Sophie Smut!

Deedles said...

Ah, Sophie. Last of the Red Hot Mamas, uh, Mew mews.