Friday, April 06, 2018

Read My Mind

Calculated and manipulative. I've said it before and no doubt will again.

Yes, another BLOTUS post. 

Once again, going on and on........and on......about voter fraud. How MILLIONS voted illegally in the 2016 election.

Though there is no evidence of this.  But as we know, facts are not important here. Rhetoric is. And he's got it by the truck load.

The calculated part is, he's bring this up.......again. Months after the last time. It's chipping away at the voting system. He's already done it - successfully - with the media. He's in the midst of doing it with the Justice system.....and with they Legislative system in his sights. You think Betsy DeVos isn't in place to make the kids and the soon to be adults stupid trolls?  Or is that just a happy accident?

BLOTUS brings up examples - California, in fact: "In many places the same person in California votes many times", says he.  He goes on: "It's not a conspiracy theory. Millions and millions of people, and it's very hard because the state guards their records." 

Apparently guarded records to which he has access......and has had time to go through.....and tabulate. Yet forgot to bring forth specifics.

Again - those would be pesky "facts".

Perhaps he's a mind reader.

But let's say there were millions and millions of people voting illegally - is he stupid enough (I know...I know...) to think that millions of illegal votes weren't FOR him? 

All this talk seems like the talk of a blowhard. But he is undermining everything. I know some of you roll your eyes at the Hitler comparisons, and I kind of roll my eyes when I type them - but I'm not convinced this isn't the plan.  Hell, he's already test-ballooned "President for Life". .....which you do know is a dictator, right?
Hell, he wants the military at the border.  He wants military parades. Who else does that?  Oh yeah.  Kim Jong Un.

We just have to operate on the assumption that this is his end-goal: dictatorship.  If history proves me wrong, so be it. Egg on my face is still a better outcome, no?

The only way I'll accept a BLOTUS dictatorship is if it ends with him and Melanoma shoot themselves in a bunker somewhere. And soon.

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anne marie in philly said...

the little (orange) dictator - a play on a charlie chaplin movie.

the WV voters he bloviated to yesterday were stupid to vote for this putz.

mueller needs to speed things up on this twatwaffle!