Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Seven Nation Army

I don't understand BLOTUS at all.


I thought he came to the beltway to drain the swamp.  That is a direct quote, no?  I mean - he's a career politician and look how good he's doing!!!

So it would only make sense to put someone up to run the VA who has done nothing more than take temperatures rectally and tell you to open up and say "ahhhh".

You'd think Dr. Ronny Jackson was a career politician. He knows how to lie and spin "facts".  239 pounds..........may ass.  He's perfect for DC.

Still, is BLOTUS a moron for putting him - a man who has no known leadership ability - to head the VA?  You know, a multi-site, multi-billion dollar agency.  And just because - and I quote - "is one of the finest people I've ever met." 

Great.  But it doesn't make him qualified to do anything.  ....but that SO explains, Eric, Donny and Ivanka.  You can't say that about Jared, because, I doubt anyone thinks he's "finest" anything.

But then I have to ask, is Jackson dumber than BLOTUS by accepting?

I mean, he's got to know he's out of his element. And by being a former military person, (or current?) doesn't make you an expert on veteran's needs and how to run something so massive.  You actually do need some kind of experience to do such things - regardless if you your boss wants to change the status quo.

As questions are raised about Jackson's drinking on the job and his creating a toxic work environment (sound right up this admin's alley), there is pressure for him to bow out.  ....and he should.

But this is an administration that pretends to care about the military and they don't - be it the VA, cutting veteran benefits, faux military parades, having the nerve to provide the commencement address at Annapolis when you got five deferments (though that one is totally on the Navy for inviting him).  You would think the veterans would revolt more over some of these decisions.

Maybe if they don't care enough to - should I even be bothered? It's not like I served.

Still, it comes down to BLOTUS.  Picking the wrong guy for the job and not being able to admit it. It might be an impossibility for the man to say "I got it wrong". 

He'll say, "he's great."  Next breath it's "he should step aside".  Followed by, "I don't want to put a man through a process like this. It's too ugly and too disgusting. ... If I were him, I wouldn't do it."

DUDE!  You're the one who put him up for the job. Pick a line and stick with it.  And Ronny - take a long long long hard look. This guy can't even fully support you before your nomination process starts - how do you think he's gonna be if you get the job?  (hint:  you might want to ask Rex, Michael, Sean, Reince, McMaster, Bannon.....shall I go on?)

Whether you support BLOTUS or not, why would a quasi-intelligent person even work for him - and do NOT say it's to serve your country or at the pleasure of the president. This is a man who repeatedly has show no loyalty to the people HE has selected. I'd almost get it (I said 'almost') if these folks were truly thrust upon him, but they were of his choosing.  But now that you've seen this pattern - why the fuck would you take a job offer from him?

I actually hope Jackson gets appointed and let him and BLOTUS run the VA into the ground. The GOP won't get another chance in a long time should it happen.

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anne marie in philly said...

DC has been a swamp for a long time; the dump made it worse.

Ur-spo said...

Apparently the VA will have to run itself into the ground now, which it likely.