Saturday, October 31, 2020


Caturday. Dog Day. Halloween. Full Moon.  Could today have any more going for it? 

Sophie has taken to stealing Shep's sleeping places. This used to be Petey's bed. It went to Shep, who never used it before a few weeks ago.  ......and now he's being thwarted by a 14 year old cat. he went and picked on a mom deer and her baby. 
Mom won. But Shep (and his ears) put on quite a show. 

Quite the team, they make.

Therapy Dog Halloween Dress-Up Day. 
I bet she is Wonder Woman too. 

Loved this. 
Shep wouldn't wear it, but he'd rip it to shreds. 

Shep was helping me with a basement project, yet he wasn't of much assistance. 
He was more interested in hearing Dad #1 upstairs. 

....Soph also stole Shep's sofa seat.'s like she's doing it on purpose. 

Song by: Dashboard Confessional

Friday, October 30, 2020

All Over Now

I should write something.

BLOTUS - just in time for the election - has claimed the accomplishment of ending Covid as a pandemic. 

Honestly. I shit you not. 

I'm not sure then how he and the White House explain the 83,000 cases in one day last week.  Or the 40% increase in cases from the week before that. 

Ohhhh....wait.  They don't explain anything. Yet people eat this shit up like candy. And if they don't believe it, they certainly don't question it. 

Mind you, this is the exact same administration - his 117th Chief of Staff (he picks only the best people!) said, and I quote: "we're not going to control the pandemic". 

Oh - how I laughed. 

It almost implies that they, at one point, tried to. If someone can get me the data on when that was, I'd be happy to read it over. 

This administration will fuck you over without a thought yet.........people are turning out in record numbers to vote early.  And as much as I would like (read: hope) to think it is to vote him out, you have to believe there is equal fervor to keep him in.  

Allegedly Texas' early voting is surpassing all their previous voting numbers - and I'm not talking just the early portion. Since it's Texas, I have to believe it is to keep this turd in office. 

I don't know how Kool-Aid stock is doing, but I gotta figure it's up like 471%. So many people are drinking it, how could it not. 

I have nothing to base this on, but I have to feel I'd like Jim Jones more than I do BLOTUS. 

Song by: Aimee Mann

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Cold As Ice

Just a quick note, as I've prepared nothing. 

Oh, the people who are aghast that BLOTUS' organizers left dozens, or hundreds, out in the frozen tundra that is Nebraska. 

If I may - from Airplane - - - - 

"Shana! They bought their tickets. They knew what they were getting into.  I say: "let 'em crash"". 

I mean really. Boo-fucking-hoo. 

Honestly, if people are stupid enough to follow this man, then they are probably too moronic to know how to read WeatherBug. Or bring a scarf. 

To be perfectly frank, I'm more surprised these two "ladies" wore masks. 

Maybe some of them will die of exposure...........and hadn't cast an absentee ballot.  {fingers crossed}

Song by: Foreigner 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On the Beach

I haven't written about vacation - sure, it's a month late, but would you really want to hear me prattle on about our newest SOCTUS member? 

Yeah. I thought not. 

I can give vacation highlights, though I can't say there is tons to discuss. It was a 2020 vacation, was different. Weird, perhaps. 

For starters. No video for you. I started to. I tried. But my heart and mind weren't in that creative space. 

We started in DC. We stopped at 710's hometown, which isn't our normal route to North Carolina, but going via DC only added like 50 minutes to the trip. So we stayed the night in our nation's capital. 

The place was deserted. We rented bikes and rode down Constitution with nary a car to be seen. The hotel was fairly dead. No museums open. The outdoor monuments you could visit, but indoors were not an option - not that we wanted to. ....and that afternoon, RBG died. So, we got off on the wrong foot - though we did stop by the Court itself the next morning

North Carolina beaches in off season are a little different, but we knew that and it was by design. I mean: 2020. 

Normally the beach would be greatly empty. Bonus.  But with a hurricane right after we left last year and another one two months before going, left them with very little beach, unless it was low tide. At high tide, there were places where the beach no longer existed. 

The weather was cooler than July or August. Due to a gulf storm, we got residual winds. We couldn't even think of going in the ocean for the first four days. So rough, there weren't even any surfers. 

The new place we rented was nice. In someways better than the last, in some ways not. But with no chance of eating out, we cooked, or got carry-out. The Shark Bar had the best set up for carry out that I've seen during Covid. And the Texas Tots were AMAZING.   .....even better, it was a block away, and waking there and back whilst drunk we a breeze. 

Oh yes. Wine on the porch nightly and no car keys. 

So it was a lot of walking the beach  - sometimes 15 miles per  And my feet were feeling it after a while. But it was nice to get away. I logged into work once. And only once. That was once more than 710 did. Good for him. 

This was not our planned vacation, but again: 2020.   Nothing has gone as planned. Nothing. 

Speaking of...........

The trip through Pennsylvania, I thought was frightening with the amount of BLOTUS signs. DC and NoVA was a brief respite. The rest of Virginia and North Carolina were nothing but BLOTUS banners, flags and billboards. They didn't even bother with "yard signs".  Ditto with West Virginia on the way home. 

And save for service workers - especially on the way home - no one, and I mean NO one, wore 710 and myself. 

It was essential for our well being to go somewhere and do something, but it was not the end-all / be-all vacation..........except for the Texas Tots. 

Song by: Neil Young

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Bye !!!

Round #2. 

Cleveland Hts. 
The number is about 14k higher since I took this picture..........10 days ago!

Cleveland Museum of Art

I'm thinking an internet grab. 

the Plain Dealer. 
This was projected on the Terminal Tower the night of the Cleveland Debate. 

The United Steel Workers got their wrists slapped for doing this without permission of the TT's owners. Boo-fucking-hoo. 

It was funnier when they did it on a BLOTUS property in Chicago.

Cleveland proper. 

Cleveland Hts. 

Down the street neighbor. 

Would be great if there were ever a stronger wind that could get back towards his house, or if the flags were just a bit smaller:  Biden. BLM. Nope. 


....because you don't want to touch anywhere else. 
Cleveland Hts. 

#truth in Cleveland Hts. 

This house has been counting the days till election for MONTHS. 
Cleveland Hts. 

Cookie will like this one - but not just because of the Biden / Harris sign. 

From my friend, Craig, in Kansas City - Missouri. Not Kansas. 

Morty made me laugh and laugh and laugh when he sent this. 
This is the best of the entire bunch hands down - and we haven't even gotten to Round #3 yet. 

Can't leave out BLOTUS signs, can I?  

Song by: Tegan & Sara

Monday, October 26, 2020

My Music Monday

Rosanne Cash and her husband, John Leventhal, put out a new song out last week. A one-off, if you will. 

"Crawl into the Promised Land" came out last week. 

Cash admittedly had time on her hands with sheltering at home and a cancelled tour - all she had to do was write songs. I found out about the tune via Cash's Instagram account.  As usual, I purchased it without hearing a note. 

Speaking of notes - if you click her hyperlink above, you can read the one she wrote regarding not just the song, but her words on the current political climate. One of the lyrics being “Deliver me from tweets and lies / and purify me in the sun.”, which that last part is hopefully hope for the future. 

All proceeds from the song go to the Arkansas Peace & Justice Memorial Movement, “an educational online memorial to commemorate the victims of lynchings in the State of Arkansas in collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative and Coming to the Table.” 

The song is clean, though Leventhal's guitar work is extremely reminiscent of his playing on Cash's version of "Motherless Children", but I'm quibbling. Cash is in good voice - literally and figuratively. The verses are good, but I'm digging the structure of the chorus - with backing vocals from her son and his musical partner. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Expose Yourself

While I could go on (and on an on) about what the fuck is wrong with #moscowmitch, who has the time. 

Clearly, he is a tough stick with an IV. But wouldn't the question be, why was that needed in the first place. 

I suppose when you're the living dead, replacing your blood with embalming solution has to get into those veins somehow. bad of a candidate or population do you have to be to lose to this douche??  Amy McGrath is down at least eight points in ANY Kentucky poll.  FUCK. 

So anyway, let's focus on something more pleasant:  Jeffrey Toobin's dick.

C'mon, let's be honest, we'd all rather see Toobin's schlong than McConnell's face. I'm not just speaking for myself. I have to believe #moscowmitch's mail order bride feels the same way. 

It's a shame about Toobin's Zoom Whack-Off incident, if for nothing else that he was (until now) respected, a good writer / commentator, and a decent court analysis guy. 

Now, he's just going to be known as the Guy Who Took His Dick Out During a Zoom Meeting Guy.  


There is a challenge out there now:

.....and yes.........people took this guy up on it. 

The irony is not lost on me that Toobin wrote for the New Yorker. And it's funny, until it's not. 

I guess guys will be guys............and sometimes you just don't want them to be. 

.....and you can Gooooooogle image a lot lot lot more of these, should you be so inclined. 


Naturally Jeffery's dick has it's own Twitter account.  

What would one have to do to get blocked from that, I wonder. 

Song by: Medusa

Saturday, October 24, 2020

You're My Best Friend

Some of the regulars, plus some blog visitors and guests.   

....and I'm trying to beat a big-ass storm heading our way to get this scheduled to post, before we most likely lose power. 

HRH was feeling a little punk, so she camped out on the bed one entire day. 

Two Jack Russells.  Shep likes to set them off and then leave the scene. 

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. 

Henry - my favorite non Shep dog. And his biological brother (from a different litter) Benson. 

I checked in on Pippa while my niece was out of town. She tipped over whatever that was back there. 
I left it as is

We are thinking Shep never drinks water at daycare.  
He goes through a travel bowl before we even leave the parking lot. 

He can't vote because he doesn't have opposable thumbs, but if he could.......

Sleep kitty. 

Boomer and Bailey have a new patio. And a new house. 
Maybe after Covid is over, I can go see it - and my sister. 

Song by: Queen