Monday, October 12, 2020

My Music Monday

I did a number of quarantine related songs earlier in this Covid pandemic. 

No matter what the White House says or does, it's still a pandemic. Ohio just hit its highest number of reported cases since this all began. So, we didn't quite flatten that curve like our governor touts. 

twenty øne piløts is a band out of Columbus, OH. I featured the duo a few years back in this very thread. 

Their song - this song - "Level of Concern" is played frequently on Sirius XM, and not just the Alt Nation channel. The song is easy going. It's catchy - not unlike the coronavirus itself. 

The song itself references quarantine and speaks to anxiety itself. Even the below video is like the making of a video in separate isolation.  I like both the song and video.   ....and proceeds from the song are going to music crews who have not been able to work during times of Covid, so good for these dude!

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Raybeard said...

Nice bobble-hat.