Saturday, October 31, 2020


Caturday. Dog Day. Halloween. Full Moon.  Could today have any more going for it? 

Sophie has taken to stealing Shep's sleeping places. This used to be Petey's bed. It went to Shep, who never used it before a few weeks ago.  ......and now he's being thwarted by a 14 year old cat. he went and picked on a mom deer and her baby. 
Mom won. But Shep (and his ears) put on quite a show. 

Quite the team, they make.

Therapy Dog Halloween Dress-Up Day. 
I bet she is Wonder Woman too. 

Loved this. 
Shep wouldn't wear it, but he'd rip it to shreds. 

Shep was helping me with a basement project, yet he wasn't of much assistance. 
He was more interested in hearing Dad #1 upstairs. 

....Soph also stole Shep's sofa seat.'s like she's doing it on purpose. 

Song by: Dashboard Confessional


James Dwight Williamson said...

I think Shep scoping out 701 is why we have Dogs!

James Dwight Williamson said...

Sorry 710! Happy Halloween!

anne marie in philly said...

sophie is the QUEEN of the house and gets what she wants! ALWAYS!

the wonder woman costume is adorkable.

and shep is perhaps 1/10th the size of mama deer; that encounter would have been interesting to watch.

Bob said...

Well, as for stealing sleeping spots, Sophie des have seniority.

Anonymous said...

Sophie rules and looks good in her regal position. Good luck to you all on Tuesday maybe America will hopefully return to normal after four crazy years with the crime family ruining the country.

Best wishes

Raybeard said...

Shep, looking at Mommy Deer[est] - "Who on earth are YOU?, and WHAT are you?"
Mommy Deer - "Oh, do shut up!"

Doggie wearing lion's mane looks like auditioning for a production of 'Wizard'.

And Sophie shows she's got a lot of cunning in her. She's not JUST a pretty face!

uptonking said...

Typical 14 year-old girl... always wanting attention and finding ways to get it! It's just a phase. Great pics. Thank you for sharing. Happy Halloween!

JM said...

Shep is too adorable.
Happy halloween to everyone!

Ur-spo said...

I enjoying texting you today. Happy Halloween to all !

Debby said...

Happy Halloween. Sophie is full of tricks, but shep looks as if he would forgive all for a treat