Monday, October 05, 2020

My Music Monday

The '80's are alive and well in the 21st century. 

It's no secret I am a child of '70s and '80s music. So if you've read me for a while, I use a mucho '80s music and references. 

But everything old is new again, right?  Go-Gos, Psychedelic Furs and the likes all have new music out. But there are newer bands that are utilizing the genre for their own launch. 

I don't know from the Midnight, but they have been playing on 710's Apple Music whist I prep dinner. But their song, "Deep Blue" reeks (in a good way) of mid-80's fare. 

I mean, the saxophone alone has 1980s written all over it. Quarterflash. Men at Work. Huey Lewis. It's all there.  

Yet it doesn't suck - not that I'm implying the above acts did either. "Deep Blue" is kind of nice escapism to a better time when Ronald Reagan was president. 

......yes. marinate on that last sentence just a little bit. This is what the current administration has done to me. 


Travel said...

Reminds me of when, MTV played music.

uptonking said...

A little messy in the chorus, but that sax break is classic. Reminds me a lot of what Calvin Harris was doing for a time. Quarterflash - favorite song was their song on the soundtrack for 'Night Shift' a slim slice of comedy starring Shelly Long and Henry Winkler.