Monday, October 19, 2020

My Music Monday

I like the group Tame Impala enough. 

I mean, I like them enough to keep their songs playing on the radio when they come on, but not enough to hit 'purchase'. 

For a while it bugged me, "who do they sound like?", because with a lot of music, it's all been done before. 

A few weeks it dawned on me, that the group, or at least a song by the group, Sky.  The song:  "Some Kind of Wonderful".    .....which has no relation to the John Hughes movie of the same title. 

They were a Canadian (the lead singer, of the duo died 2-3 year back) band who I saw on MuchMusic, when our cable company carried it - so it would have been around 1997-1999. I stole the song from Netscape, which would have been 2000. 

The song was poppy, unassuming and I'd say forgettable, except that I didn't - which doesn't count, as I know I have a much better recall / memory than most. Yet, I hear more than twinges of Sky on Tame Impala songs. 

As I know no other Sky song, you're getting "Some Kind of Wonderful". 

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Raybeard said...

Quite like this. Didn't know the song nor the group 'Sky' - other than the identically-named John Williams-led British group of the 80s. I do tend to like songs which nudge one's feet to "Go on - dance!"