Friday, October 16, 2020


Yesterday, I spent 2+ hours learning how to be a poll worker. 

I am bound and determined to make sure all of those who can vote can vote.............Covid be damned.....USPS be damned.......BLOTUS lies, be damned........Russia be damned. 

We went through the mechanics of identifying the voter, making sure they get the ballot and that it is scanned in. 

What I didn't know is about the set-up of the machines - the DS200s......the printers, the scanners, the reports that get printed out at certain times of the day. What we do with observers - local and federal, media - local and social, and then those pesky campaigners who cross the area in which they're not allowed. 

But of course, we had to get training on how to deal with the irate and the potential active shooter. This election year, it seems all too possible...........probable, even. 

It will be a minimum of a 14 hour day. And the way it works: I will be paired with a registered voter from another party.   ......for 14 hours.....minimum. 

Any other election cycle, that might be tenable. This year........I just don't fucking know. 

This is the price we pay - I pay - for democracy.   Or murder. 

.....I guess we'll see. 

Song by: Mark Knopfler


James Dwight Williamson said...

No one could be more proud of you than I am, what a great thing to do. It’s never easy doing the right thing, but you always surprise me. In a good way, good luck and stay safe!

anne marie in philly said...

this is a mitzvah you are doing. IDK about being paired with a deplorable though; that would turn me off right there.

Jeffrey said...

Thank you!

Travel said...

I was a poll worker for several years, it is rewarding, the opposite party person lived two doors down from me, we spent the time talking about her 40 year old son who still lived at home, and her car accident of the year. We stood in line 2.25 hours yesterday and voted early!

uptonking said...

Play nice! Be a kind winner :) Avoid throwing all the failings of that party in the face of your poll place partner. No matter how obvious it all seems.

Ummm... also: valium.

The Cool Cookie said...

In a non COVID year, I could do it. With Covid, I cannot.

Ur-spo said...

Good luck
Keep sane