Thursday, October 08, 2020

Empty Chairs

 Someone took my idea and made it better.  Not as if that is so difficult. 

About six months ago, I wrote about a would-be visual protest of Covid.  It went nowhere. Clearly, I did nothing to help it along. But none of my 700 reads per day got anyone else to do it either. 

.....or did it? 

Someone installed 20,000 empty chairs on the Ellipse.

That group, Covid Survivors for Change, got this going. They even got the Singing Skull Dionne Warwick to be the host for the National Day of Remembrance. Good for her. I mean though - she had to see that coming, right? (get it?  get it?.)

The chairs visualizes and represents better than my casket idea. 

While it might be weird to say, I'm kind of digging this. 

Hats off to them - and to BLOTUS who almost has to see it from his balcony. 

Song by: Don McLean


James Dwight Williamson said...

It is never a bad thing to be remembered, but it is a better thing to remove the cause for mourning! This won’t happen in our current political climate , so BLOTUS must walk the plank, November 3rd!

Travel said...

Does he see anything besides a mirror? Those empty chairs times 10, and counting.

uptonking said...

Very sad. How so many could leave us and we, as a nation... it doesn't register at all. You would think a visual representation like this would do it, but... how many poked their heads up long enough to notice it existed? Sad.

CALVIN said...

Got it!

Ur-spo said...

the chairs are very moving for me.