Friday, November 30, 2018

Gotta Get Away

So, today is just a little - well, lengthy - video clip.

A little "treat" for you.  Kind of.

I said the last few days I had some posts in me, just not the energy.

I'm feeling a little better. I stayed home from work and in between work calls and emails, I finished a very fractured video. I wanted it to be better when I was shooting stuff, but the audio is off here and sorry about that.

Go make some popcorn, pull up a chair and cop a squat for 9 minutes or so. You'll want to stay until the end.

Song by: the Black Keys

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Still Ill

Sorry - an almost nothing post.

I'm still sick. Sleep doesn't come easily - and not at the right times.

I actually left work early yesterday.  My staff told me how bad I looked, which was a huge morale booster for me.

Maybe I'll work from home today, should I wake and feel no better.

Today (well, yesterday now, I guess) my teeth hurt - which can only mean a sinus infection. And my chest hurts when I cough. So, any thought of this staying in my head has vanished.

I promise I'll get it together.

Song by: the Smith

Wednesday, November 28, 2018


I had plans.  Blog plans, dontcha know.

My annual January cold came early (that's what she said). 

Two nights ago, I had a slight twinge in my throat, that made me think I had something caught I couldn't swallow.  That would have been too easy.

Monday night, well, Tuesday morning, I woke with an up at 02:30 knowing what it now was:  an extremely sore throat due to post-nasal drip.  I was fucked.

Tuesday morning at work, I turned into sexy-voiced Blobby. The one who can sing in a different registered while my iPod played in my car.

Since I wrote that above portion, I have chilled a bit and the inside of my ears ache.  So.......a fever and sinus infection are coming my way.  Oh, it's going to be a lovely night..................of me sitting downstairs and not sleeping.

Oooooh.....and now a cough.  This is coming on fast............and furious.

So, if this truly started Monday, that means today is the third day coming.  Which means I only have three days with me and three days going until I'm done!  Yayyy me!

I did have shit to write about, but it will have to wait another day.

Song by: Evanescence 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Shut Down

Oh my stars.  I have to write a blog post I suppose.

I've stayed away from politics for a while - so you didn't get boo about Ivanka's emails. Nothing is going to happen on that front. The "liberal media" has barely touched it. The Ethics part of this administration is toothless. The administrations explanation of it was hil-fucking-arious.   {paraphrased} "This happened before anyone told us the rules of what we could and could not do".

Yes. And entire two year campaign, which centered on emails and emails alone.......and they didn't know.   J.F. C.

But I didn't come here to talk about that.

Is it wrong that I'm digging (a little) that due to BLOTUS' tariff wars that GM is going to lay off almost 15,000 folks? 

Is it wrong for me to hope that these rubes were BLOTUS supporters who said he was "different" and going to make things "better" "great" again?

Is it wrong for me to hope that for those folks being gassed at the border, that they go back into Mexico and take jobs at the GM plants that the company is shipping south of the boarder?

I cannot speak for the rest of the plants, but the one up near Cleveland, believed that BLOTUS would make things  Even though GM is discontinuing the cars that this plant makes, the ones interviewed still think there will be opportunities for them.

Ummmmmmmm.....did you not read your soon-to-be ex-company's own announcement?

But if they listen to BLOTUS, these soon to be unemployed folks are not to sell their houses and stay where they are.........because good things will come their way?

I had clients in a town like these.  One major employer that went bankrupt......leaving all destitute. And no one to buy their houses because there was nothing in town for which to come.  You hear of people who have to walk away from their home......well this was an entire town. Couldn't afford to stay, but couldn't afford to move.  It's a lose:lose.

But these states are Ohio and Michigan - who were red for BLOTUS.  Let's see how that works out for the GOP in 2020.  Maryland being the only blue one.........and one that isn't likely to change shades in 23 months.

BLOTUS can paint it anyway he'd like, but with Harley Davidson saying they'll move jobs overseas due to these tariffs, and GM doing the same, it is likely they won't be the only two.

While I hate to see folks lose their livelihood, if this is what it takes to show the danger this man is to country and the world, I see them as collateral damage.

Song by:  the Beach Boys

Monday, November 26, 2018

My Music Monday

I have no idea who Andy Burrows is.

His song, "Keep On Moving On" as playing overhead somewhere. I whipped out SoundHound to find it.

Truth be told, the song struck me as being better - or at least more interesting - in that public setting than in the earbud world.

It's still a decent song, but one I think I'd enjoy more as background music.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Not Today

It's another day off for me.

We had Thanksgiving last night. I thought going out of town was getting me out of that holiday. Apparently I was wrong.

It was a mentally draining day. And I didn't get home until 22:39, and I had nothing planned.

Deal with it.  Please

Song by: twenty one pilots

Saturday, November 24, 2018


Holiday week. We were out of town - more on that in a bit. So my pics are few this go round.

Shep at doggie daycare.  His paws and placement kill me, but that's how and who he is. 
I don't know the jack russell in the foreground........but I want to. 

Scarlet and Grey.   
They're just natural contrasting colours. 

Shep at the vet. 
While we were away, he got sick at boarding. The proprietor did a great job of getting him to our vet and all fixed up within a few hours. 

I love Shep's little underbite. 

That's all I got.

Song by: Breaking Benjamin

Friday, November 23, 2018

App of the Month

In this season of alleged giving, more often than not, so-called Christians are going to see people bashing in someone else's face at the break of dawn to get that $18 off a 65" tv at a Black Friday event........even though they'd just as soon call the cops on a Friday that was black.

You know, because of Jebus.

Whether I believe in Jebus is irrelevant. I don't proclaim to be a believer and then spurn the poor, the abused, the unrepresented. Once again, they're just doing all the things that Jebus taught them...right?

But I don't need any religion to tell me what is actually right or wrong. I have a brain and a conscience.    ....and an app.

Share the Meal is a United Nations World Food Programme.  Regardless what I think of that cunt, Nikki Haley, and her representation of this country within the UN, the organization does a lot of good around the globe.  ....and yes, the planet is round.

The program is good and with your help $0.50 will feed a child / person for a day. Think about that.

The app has plans for a day, week, month or a year. And there is a sustainable option as well. And depending on what area the aid goes, if it takes less to feed those, that funding will go to feed more than that one person.

If I have a problem, it is with the app itself.  It all means well, but the boot up is s-l-o-w. Or can be. Like any app, it can be wonky, but when it's working, it's easy to navigate and do what you need to.

Nieces and nephews have all they can possibly want anymore. They're all adults, or almost so - but this year, anything they'd have traditionally gotten is going to the UN World Food Programme.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Give Thanks

Of course, I am thankful for all of you, who come to this g-dforasken blog.

I am thankful for some of my family, but especially, Shep & Sophie.........oh and 710.

My friends - as spread out as they all are - are fan-fucking-tastic, and I love (most of) them to death.     .....that last part will keep them thinking and on their toes.

And I have a decent, well-paying job that has benefits - though we are technically enrolled in 710's plan.

Still, it's been a challenging year in some regards - mostly due my mother.

Today we are not celebrating with her, though she understands. This is possibly the first Thanksgiving I have not spent at my parents table in 49 years (though I think a decade back we spent it at 710's family place). It is definitely her first in 49 years that she's missing this meal at her home.

She will not be alone, but with other family. We will see her tomorrow and / or Saturday. I told her we could bring in turkey.  Her face crinkled and then she said, "I don't like turkey!".


After decades of giving me grief to eat turkey, of which I don't particularly care, I now find out neither does she.  I know, and she knows, it was my father's favourite meal, so it what was done.

This works out well for me. We'll bring in Chinese instead.

But for all of you - enjoy. Partake. Don't overdue it.

Song by: India.Arie

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Taking Off

Every now and then, even the most dedicated blogger needs a day off.

That day is today.

I mean, I still get credit for blogging,

Song by: the Cure

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Site of the Month

This one is a quiz.  A New York Times quiz.  Or an NYT related quiz. And it's about doggies !!!!!

The Multi-Mix Project has folks guessing on certain dogs and if they can guess the breeds.  You can read about the project here.

We love mix-breed Shep.  Petey was a full-on Beagle and he was great. Shep is more of a mystery with his four-part breeds, if his doggie DNA is correct.

We see more of the hound come out than the other parts, but two of his four are hounds - Bassett and Beagle. But more often than not we ask if he is part "wiener dog' or Corgi.  And while it's interesting who he is or what he's made up from, we love him just the same.

There is an adjoining quiz here.

These are not exactly multiple choice questions. The quiz lists all dog breeds, so it is multiple choice.....just not A. B. C. or D.

Don't worry if you can't - it seems most cannot.

I got the first of the three. I got one-half of the second choice. I got zero of the third one.

Have fun.

Monday, November 19, 2018

My Music Monday

Totally '80s today.

And why not go with Berlin and their MTV hit, "the Metro"?   I say MTV hit, because, I don't know it was a radio one, though a quick Gooooooooogle search will tell me it reach 58 on Billboard's Hot 100.

Good synth work. Good vocal phrasing. Bad video.  Like I said: '80s.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Pottery's Gay

Truth be told, I have no song titles with the word 'pottery' or 'bronze' in them, so I'm sort of faking the title / artist thing today.  Though - who couldn't love the name 'Anal Cunt' as a band?

You're probably wondering why I care about bronze or pottery...........and the short answer is, "I don't".

The longer answer is, these are the traditional items for an eighth anniversary, and I needed a tie in for a post that it is our eighth anniversary. 25 10 months.

I love how "they" can't just have one item for this year. Bronze or pottery. They are pretty much mutually exclusive, unless you come in third at the state fair pottery making contest.

Technically, the anniversary was yesterday. But I know how you all get up in arms if there is no Sophie or Shep. And then there'd be pitchforks and torches......and what the hell people, I don't even live in Charlottesville!

So I delayed the post for a day.

We are celebrating, but more on that in another post.

Eight years is nothing to sneeze at - nor is almost 34. Truth be told, I'm amazed the man has stuck around this long. Granted for the last seven or so, it's been for Petey or Shep. Without either, I wouldn't have a prayer in the world.

I kid of course.

No one is getting bronze or pottery today.  I'm happy with a good meal and a bottle of wine.

(the image today is from our 'reception' after the wedding. I couldn't imagine taking that pic with the current administration being in that residence.)

Song by: Anal Cunt

Saturday, November 17, 2018


Cuteness abounds at Chez Sophie et Shep.

His best friend / toy.  We haven't even named that dragon. 

Nothing is too plush for HRH.

An excited pooch.  The feeling's mutchul (say it in an Inga, from Young Frankenstein,voice)

Shep - the purveyor of dragons and ducks

Song by: Stone Temple Pilots

Friday, November 16, 2018

Record of the Month

I figured I'd do a monthly 'what I'm listening to' kind of thing. This could be viewed as a lame placeholder kind of post. And probably it is. But it's my blog! So there!

2018 has not been a great year for music - at least where I'm concerned.  If you haven't noticed, this blog theme has not been 'monthly' this year. I haven't spent a lot on music in 2018.

In general, I enjoy any release from Rosanne Cash. Sure, like any artist, some outings are better than others. In general, I get very excited by a few songs and some of them fall out where I hit 'skip'.

She Remembers Everything has some of that too.

The price of the album is almost worth it for two tracks - the opener, "The Only Thing Worth Fighting For" and "Particle and Wave".

I mentioned a month or so ago, that of the first pre-released tracks, I really liked the third, "Not Many Miles to Go".  It has a better beat and a good chorus / verse thing going on.  It remains a stand out track on this new record.

The title track, well.........I want to like it so much more. It has its moments, of course, but I expected something more when co-writing / co-performing with Sam Phillips, though the "featuring" thing - as on many Cash albums - you have to REALLY dig deep to hear some of these collaborators.

"Everyone But Me" started as a bit of a let down, but I have to say, after the last few weeks I have a much better feeling for it.  The piano work sounds like something Ken or Ric Burns would use for one of their PBS documentaries.  You're more waiting for David Ogden Steirs' narration as much as you would be a Cash vocal. 

While I appreciate John Leventhal's production, now and then I like to see Cash stray from him for other perspectives. It worked well with Black Cadillac, and it works well here too. Ditto with collaborators too.

Tucker Martine, who has produced Neko Case and the Decemberists, takes the helm on about half the disk. Two of those tracks have Colin Meloy singing harmony.  As mentioned, I am loving "The Only Thing Worth Fighting For".  It has great phrasing and a Chris Isaak vibe that suits Cash and the song well.  I enjoy "Rabbit Hole" too, though it is a little repetitive.  Martine also produces the title track, and two that were written by Cash, T Bone Burnette and Lera Lynn, who all worked together on HBO's True Detective series ("Fighting For" and "My Least Favorite Life"). 

Leventhal certainly has his moments too - but the stand out is "Particle and Wave" which comes in at the shortest song on the disk. It's different enough to catch your ear, but truly stands on its own.

"8 Gods of Harlem" actually works, when it might not on paper. Frequent collaborators with Cash - Elvis Costello and Kris Kristofferson - sing from different perspectives (mother, brother, father) of the killing of a teen.

As for the rest of the disk, it's fine but so far not heavily memorable. I have to say, it sounds that those two or three tunes have all been done before.

She Remembers Everything is still worthy of a deep dive listen. Cash is in good voice and in good company.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Life in the Fast Lane

I have to believe there is another end-game to the NRA's "stay in your own lane" to the physician population of this country.

I'm sure by now you've heard that story. A medical journal heavily featured stories on treating gunshot victims, and the NRA dared to say, basically, that the docs don't know what they're talking about.

......because Oliver North, Wayne LePierre are cardio-thoracic and trauma surgeons, dontcha know.

And Ann Coulter, well...........that cunt is always looking for attention. It's tough to get in this administration. Her usual, crazy bat shit stuff is sunshine, lollipop and rainbows compared to the folks at the White House, Senate, Judiciary, State Department..........and Jared.

Love you, Dr. Rick.

Love you more, Dr. Judy.

This does not stop my being baffled over the NRA comment in the first place.  They had to know the backlash, right?  Hell, they had to know the responses. They're evil, but they're not stupid.

I'm open to suggestions as to 'the why', as those folks out there who are brighter than I, can weigh in here.

Song by: the Eagles

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

I'm late to this, as My Music Monday and 12 of 12 got in the way. 

I do not want to hear one fucking word from anyone - republican or democrat (though mostly the former) - about any football play taking a knee, in regards to it being disrespectful to 'the troops'.


You have a dick knob president who got deferments, mocked a gold-star soldier and his family, has yet to visit any troops, has sent them to the border with no power or hot food, and yes - was a no-show to a Veteran's Day commemorating the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.......................because it was raining!

Let that sink in.  Water.

Elphaba was smarter........and kinder.

This "man" has shown nothing but disrespect for the military, past or present, so spare me your faux indignation for football players not being patriotic.

BTW......I might love Emmanuel Macron, for purposefully or not, putting BLOTUS in his place regarding nationalism.  Of course it is all for naught, as BLOTUS wouldn't understand such language, nor would he care, after his sycophants got him up to speed later.

I mean, he'll care. No doubt has already tweeted about how stupid France is.

Let us not forget that the leaders of the world walked a half-mile towards the Arc de Triomphe, except for BLOTUS.  He took his motorcade, like the spoiled child he is. Millions of people who died in service, who he was there to honor, and it became all about always.

I've said it before and no doubt will again, can he sink any lower?

Song by: Creedence Clearwarter Revival

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 104th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just Erik and myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

I still continue to do this, because of all my consistent post topics, I actually like this one the most.

05:30.  Doggie b'fast. 
I overslept by half an hour, but he got fed on time. 

06:20.  Strapping on the brace. 

06:35.  Dragon on the stairs.
I make sure that it is on place for when 710 take Shep to his apartment. 

06:50.  Arriving to work. 

07:30.  Payroll. 

09:45.  Taking a new employee on a small tour.

11:23.  On way to a lunch meeting. 

11:35.  Said meeting.  Late to start. 

13:05.  Lunch. 
I never eat it at that meeting.  And, yes, I was given two cupcakes, which I accepted. 
I did not eat the cookies. And only had one of the cupcakes. 

14:50.  Physical Therapy. 
Anna was mean to me today. Lot of hard work. 

16:50.  FitBit needs juice. 

18:40.  Shopping. 
Mostly for cat and dog stuff. 

.....and that was some of my day. 

Monday, November 12, 2018

My Music Monday

There is some Mark Wahlberg movie (isn't there always?) that the studios are forcing far too many commercials  - so you know it sucks.

Well, it's a Mark Wahlberg "comedy", so you KNOW it sucks.

Usually I change the channel or mute commercials. Yet this movie uses George Harrison's "What is Life" as the background music.

This song could arguably be the best post-Beatles song by any of the fab four.  And yes, I include the woefully overplayed 'oh, wow man that's deep' song, "Imagine", on which I also hit mute.

George never got his due in the Beatles, almost always limited to two songs per disk (still better than Ringo got)  though most of his songs were widely played, mostly "Something", "Here Comes the Sun" and my possible favourite of all their songs, "Why My Guitar Gently Weeps".

Harrison hits all the right marks on "Life", with rock and pop.  The tempo, the guitar, the vocals, are all great. It might be the horns that make the song though.

If "What is Life" is actually played in the movie, without ever seeing the film, I can guarantee you it's the best thing in the flick.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

When I Get My Wheels

There are defining moments that make one an adult:

Your first real job. Buying a house. Marriage.  Kids (or so I hear). Making a will. Burying a parent.

.....and now buying your remaining parent a mobility scooter / chair, is on the list.

Yesterday, I took my mother to a medical supply store to check the out.  At her "independent" living complex, she has not been so independent.

With being on oxygen, those portable canisters are pretty heavy - 8lbs. That's a 10th of her weight. So an aide has had to take her by wheelchair to and from the dining area.

She can walk, but for limited periods of time and distance. So to help gain some additional freedom, one of my sisters invested time to get her a concentrator that is only 2lbs and doesn't need refilling. My "job" was to look at scooters.

The place she's at - everyone has them. Four or three wheeled transport. Red seems to be the colour of choice. Those are nice, but the baskets on them are fairly useless. They take up some amount of room and don't roll under a table.

My mom liked the chair versions. Easy get on and off. But it drives with a joystick. As she's isn't proficient in Grand Theft Auto or Myst, this would be new to her.

As it turns out, she did really well around the showroom. We tried out a few. My mother - being my mother - was immediately drawn to the cheapest one. It was a new, but discontinued model, hence the $500 markdown.

It would have been fine actually. The newer version had better wheels, a better seat (allegedly) and could be taken apart into more pieces for transportation. And it is more expensive.......and it came in Envy Green.

She liked the upper model but with the cheaper one's seat.  And in a matter of minutes (plus the first hour), we were signing the receipt and loading it into my car. Sure they could deliver this upcoming week, but if it could fit in a car, why would I deny her any more time to be stuck in a chair like Baby Jane?

After a nice lunch out, I had her back in the lobby of her place while I unloaded the scooter and drove it in from outside.

What was great that a man who was in the lobby goes, "you got new wheels!.  you're going to love them!".   That made my mom feel great.  I laughed (inside) because either after almost two weeks, they know who she is or it was a wild guess.  I'm guessing this is like Senior Peyton Place.  Everyone talks about everyone.

Still, she was thrilled to be able to go down to the laundry room, the library, 4p happy hour, dinner - all without anyone taking her.

....and before you ask, yes, I made sure she could get in and out of the door and made her plug it in (and unplug it) to make sure she could do that too.

So, we will see what this week brings. But I suspect she might like this place a little more now that she can get out of her room whenever she damn well pleases.

Song by: Walter Egan

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Another extremely busy week, but I still managed to get a few decent pics of the kids.

Walk after work...before it turns dark. I made sure 710 knew we ere on said walk, so shot him a snap. 

Visiting Nana at her new abode. 
Shep wasn't sure about it all - he knows my mom, but the place was strange. 

It's cooler now - so Sophie sleeps with me all night. 
I love Fall and Winter for this reason alone. 

Polo field rest stop. 
....but on top of a picnic table.........with his tongue out. 

Song by: Alanis Morissette

Friday, November 09, 2018

Murder by Numbers

Once again, I cannot and will not, delve into the who, why, what, where crap of the last / latest mass shooting.

I saw one link - one - and it mentioned mental health. But you know, he is white, so........

I am sure my faithful readers can tell me who, if anyone, was sending "thoughts and prayers".  I'm sure you can relay the borderline vile thing the NRA has said.

There is nothing new under that propaganda sun.

Mental illness aside, there is no good reason to shoot up a room full of people, unless one certain BLOTUS was in said room. 

Sorry - collateral damage. It's for the greater good, and all. If a certain press secretary happened to be in the room, well, so be it.

Oh calm your tits, Secret Service.  I don't have the energy to take that on myself, but I wouldn't be crying is someone else did.  g-d it must suck to have part of your job description being to take a bullet for that fat-ass.  They don't pay you enough. They really don't. 

These acts are murder. It's "domestic" terrorism. It's somewhat preventable

The one thought I had on this atrocity was if it had happened on Monday - the day before the election. How would it have changed voting habits?  Would Ted Cruz - the NRA's biggest congressional recipient of NRA funds - would have that that extra 1.9% over Beto?  I'm thinking there'd have been a strong showing of support to not cast a ballot his way.

12 more dead. Apparently, enough is not enough.

Song by: the Police

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Getting Away With It

Jeff Sessions is a weak piece of shit.

This is not news. 

He had to see his "resignation" coming, right? I mean, even BLOTUS said he'd wait till mid-terms were over.

.....and technically, to like the second, mid-terms were over and the eldest Keebler elf was "quitting".

And that's why he is weak. Make the scumbag fire you. Make him do the work. But no - you take one final pucker to his tuchus. 

Well done Jeffey, well done.

BLOTUS has put a loyalist into the position. Someone who might - just maybe - wants to derail the DOJ and a certain investigation(s) that are currently in progress.

If Matthew Whitaker makes any move on DOJ employees or appointees, he will (or should) be challenged in the courts. He has not been confirmed by the Senate for any position; therefore, he cannot simply slip into the Acting AG position with anything other than managerial duties.

Only a confirmed appointee (doesn't matter where in the administration) can do this. Not that any of this is going to stop BLOTUS or Whitaker from trying to shut down this "hoax".

....and can Rod Rosenstein be far behind Sessions?

Since there clearly is little veil between Executive and Judicial, is there anything this shmuck isn't going to get away with?

Song by: Electronic

Wednesday, November 07, 2018


"Hopeful" is not the adjective one would normally put towards me - unless it was the mid-80s and the bars were letting out and I was horny, or if there is a $1.6 billion dollar lotto to be had.

Of course, one has to be hopeful these days, or it just becomes the largest murder-suicide pact known to mankind outside of Jonestown.

See what I mean about me not being naturally hopeful?

Unfortunately for all, I'm more of a realist than an optimist. While a wave of blue would be nice, I'll settle for an estuary.

The Senate would be great, but that would mean winning, I think, every race and that doesn't seem realistic. The House seems a better bet.

Here it is 21:48 and I don't have a clear picture on so many things. My besties and I are texting for fun, but then it gets real when someone refuses to talk about going to Mexico or seeing Peter Murphy in February of next year. 

The House is still possible. At the writing of this, 82 / 89, so we need some catching up.  ....and then just like that it went to 84 / 95.

IF we don't make a dent in this election, it is over. How can the Dems expect to win anything in 2020?

I was hopeful when I started this post.  Now I'm turning off the TV and not looking at another news site. I just don't understand. For the life of me, I cannot figure this country out. There will be no way to rebuild / recover any of this in my lifetime - which is hopefully short.

Sorry to have brought you all down.  Maybe it will somehow all turn around by the time I wake up. 
.....and I'm back to 'hope'.

Song by: Joni Mitchell

Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Free Life


If you're registered and haven't yet voted - get the fuck off your ass and get to your polling booth!


Song by: Natalie Maines

Monday, November 05, 2018

My Music Monday

Once again, the iPhone did the selection for me. Not in as such the 10th of random shuffle, but the recent reload of some older music that had not even been in rotation for a while.

Garbage came up with "I Hate Love' from 2012.  The album, from which it came, was totally underrated, so it was nice to see some of the songs pop up.

I'd say this music isn't for everyone, but what music is?

The song has elements of pop and rock in there and the to are easily blended so it's not over the top either way.

As usual, there is no official video and some of the fan ones just became too creepy.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Man on the Moon

Let's just start out - if you're going to make a movie about astronauts - and they have to wear helmets a lot of the time - don't use Ryan Gosling. It's a waste of Gosling face.

Yesterday, we went to see First Man (see Raybeard, you weren't the last to see it).

The film was better than Interstellar (but what wasn't) but not as good as Gravity or the Martian.

I guess the difference is: this was real - unless you buy into the whole 'the moon landing was a hoax' conspiracy. So, it was better than Apollo 13 but not as good as the Right Stuff.

While director Damien Chazelle had some eye popping shots in his La La Land, there weren't many here. Sometimes, quite the opposite. I found many of the shots dark and visually hard to catch what was, or was supposed to be, going on.

Now and again, there was an outstanding shot - so I know Chazelle was at least trying.

I get the decorating style of the time was wood paneling, but many interior shots were so dark, they came off as depressing even when they weren't meant to be.

That said, I have zero idea of how Neil and Janet's actual relationship was, but 'warm' isn't the way you'd describe it from this portrayal. I get they had early tragedy in their marriage, but I had a hard time caring about anything Claire Foy was trying to project in the way of 'concern'.

I totally get the 'stoicism' of the era and the profession, but there is so little emoting from Gosling, save for one or two scenes, it just played as flat.

Like Raybeard, I enjoy a good training scene and how a launch gets operationalized, but they had more of it, and better, in the Right Stuff.  I thought the Apollo 1 tragedy was both a harrowing scene and yet extremely well done.

Oh - and Kyle Chandler is in it, so he never sucks to look at for any period of time.

First Man was ok, but there's a reason it's been out a month and only playing at limited theaters and at odd times (3p or 9p).  Like La La Land, it is not going home with best picture. Or actor.

2018 Movie Count / Goal:  15 of 12

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Saturday, November 03, 2018

Upside Down

That time of week folks.

No set up.  I might be drunk.

Same rug, different animal - pt. 1
....with the ever-present dragon.

I see you!

Same rug, different animal - pt 2. 

This is Shep's new go-to pose with 710.  It's cute as hell. 
Until I downloaded the image, I didn't even know Sophie was in the picture. 

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