Friday, November 23, 2018

App of the Month

In this season of alleged giving, more often than not, so-called Christians are going to see people bashing in someone else's face at the break of dawn to get that $18 off a 65" tv at a Black Friday event........even though they'd just as soon call the cops on a Friday that was black.

You know, because of Jebus.

Whether I believe in Jebus is irrelevant. I don't proclaim to be a believer and then spurn the poor, the abused, the unrepresented. Once again, they're just doing all the things that Jebus taught them...right?

But I don't need any religion to tell me what is actually right or wrong. I have a brain and a conscience.    ....and an app.

Share the Meal is a United Nations World Food Programme.  Regardless what I think of that cunt, Nikki Haley, and her representation of this country within the UN, the organization does a lot of good around the globe.  ....and yes, the planet is round.

The program is good and with your help $0.50 will feed a child / person for a day. Think about that.

The app has plans for a day, week, month or a year. And there is a sustainable option as well. And depending on what area the aid goes, if it takes less to feed those, that funding will go to feed more than that one person.

If I have a problem, it is with the app itself.  It all means well, but the boot up is s-l-o-w. Or can be. Like any app, it can be wonky, but when it's working, it's easy to navigate and do what you need to.

Nieces and nephews have all they can possibly want anymore. They're all adults, or almost so - but this year, anything they'd have traditionally gotten is going to the UN World Food Programme.

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Anonymous said...

It’s strange how you use a UN food program to take a snipe at Christians – and then further it by referring to Jesus is a disrespectful way. Sure some Christians are false, in name only, and these are the ones that you will usually find on television, news, in politics, etc. But should you stereotype all of them by the few? You should know that the media is not controlled by followers of Christ.
Genuine Christians understand that withholding judgment is one of the key tenements to following Christ. It’s not what goes into a mouth that defiles a man – it’s what comes out of it. Are you so sure faith couldn’t aid you to more clearly understand right and wrong? You are calling people horrible names in this post while presenting your own perceived righteousness. So I ask you, does your conscience actually make you truly righteous? If so, should we stereotype all gay men by your behavior on this post the same way that you have stereotyped all Christians? You seem like a good man, a good writer, and a good son. Don’t let propagandized hate spread darkness in your life. You’re too valuable to go down like that.