Thursday, November 29, 2018

Still Ill

Sorry - an almost nothing post.

I'm still sick. Sleep doesn't come easily - and not at the right times.

I actually left work early yesterday.  My staff told me how bad I looked, which was a huge morale booster for me.

Maybe I'll work from home today, should I wake and feel no better.

Today (well, yesterday now, I guess) my teeth hurt - which can only mean a sinus infection. And my chest hurts when I cough. So, any thought of this staying in my head has vanished.

I promise I'll get it together.

Song by: the Smith


Raybeard said...

Oh, misery! C'mon Sophie & Shep - Do your magic and get your master fit as a fiddle once more!

anne marie in philly said...

what you need is restrestrest and chicken soup and the furkids! screw work! and don't infect your co-workers!

Deedles said...

What are you doing posting? Didn't I tell you to REST? Hard head makes soft behind!