Saturday, November 17, 2018


Cuteness abounds at Chez Sophie et Shep.

His best friend / toy.  We haven't even named that dragon. 

Nothing is too plush for HRH.

An excited pooch.  The feeling's mutchul (say it in an Inga, from Young Frankenstein,voice)

Shep - the purveyor of dragons and ducks

Song by: Stone Temple Pilots


anne marie in philly said...

cuteness overload! just the way I want to start my saturday.

Bob said...

Dragons and Ducks. Sounds like a new HBO hit!

Ur-spo said...

Our dog has in interest in toys or 'tug of war' a disappointment.
It is always a heartwarming spectacle to see the pets.

Deedles said...

Dragon is a good name for the toy. Shep's always dragon it around. Get it? Dragon, heh, heh! I kill myself (don't say it)!

Raybeard said...

Two reliable sources of stability in your life - and they both offer it for free.