Monday, November 12, 2018

My Music Monday

There is some Mark Wahlberg movie (isn't there always?) that the studios are forcing far too many commercials  - so you know it sucks.

Well, it's a Mark Wahlberg "comedy", so you KNOW it sucks.

Usually I change the channel or mute commercials. Yet this movie uses George Harrison's "What is Life" as the background music.

This song could arguably be the best post-Beatles song by any of the fab four.  And yes, I include the woefully overplayed 'oh, wow man that's deep' song, "Imagine", on which I also hit mute.

George never got his due in the Beatles, almost always limited to two songs per disk (still better than Ringo got)  though most of his songs were widely played, mostly "Something", "Here Comes the Sun" and my possible favourite of all their songs, "Why My Guitar Gently Weeps".

Harrison hits all the right marks on "Life", with rock and pop.  The tempo, the guitar, the vocals, are all great. It might be the horns that make the song though.

If "What is Life" is actually played in the movie, without ever seeing the film, I can guarantee you it's the best thing in the flick.

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wcs said...

So, I'm innocently reading your post this morning, as I do, and get to the part where you mention "Imagine," and what do you "imagine" I hear but that other Beatle's "Imagine" wafting in from the tv in the living room. Our morning news show plays snippets of popular songs past and present as they come back from commercial. It was just too weird.