Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Site of the Month

This one is a quiz.  A New York Times quiz.  Or an NYT related quiz. And it's about doggies !!!!!

The Multi-Mix Project has folks guessing on certain dogs and if they can guess the breeds.  You can read about the project here.

We love mix-breed dogs.......like Shep.  Petey was a full-on Beagle and he was great. Shep is more of a mystery with his four-part breeds, if his doggie DNA is correct.

We see more of the hound come out than the other parts, but two of his four are hounds - Bassett and Beagle. But more often than not we ask if he is part "wiener dog' or Corgi.  And while it's interesting who he is or what he's made up from, we love him just the same.

There is an adjoining quiz here.

These are not exactly multiple choice questions. The quiz lists all dog breeds, so it is multiple choice.....just not A. B. C. or D.

Don't worry if you can't - it seems most cannot.

I got the first of the three. I got one-half of the second choice. I got zero of the third one.

Have fun.

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