Thursday, November 22, 2018

Give Thanks

Of course, I am thankful for all of you, who come to this g-dforasken blog.

I am thankful for some of my family, but especially, Shep & Sophie.........oh and 710.

My friends - as spread out as they all are - are fan-fucking-tastic, and I love (most of) them to death.     .....that last part will keep them thinking and on their toes.

And I have a decent, well-paying job that has benefits - though we are technically enrolled in 710's plan.

Still, it's been a challenging year in some regards - mostly due my mother.

Today we are not celebrating with her, though she understands. This is possibly the first Thanksgiving I have not spent at my parents table in 49 years (though I think a decade back we spent it at 710's family place). It is definitely her first in 49 years that she's missing this meal at her home.

She will not be alone, but with other family. We will see her tomorrow and / or Saturday. I told her we could bring in turkey.  Her face crinkled and then she said, "I don't like turkey!".


After decades of giving me grief to eat turkey, of which I don't particularly care, I now find out neither does she.  I know, and she knows, it was my father's favourite meal, so it what was done.

This works out well for me. We'll bring in Chinese instead.

But for all of you - enjoy. Partake. Don't overdue it.

Song by: India.Arie


Travel said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours

anne marie in philly said...

chinese, japanese, vietnamese, italian...whatever ya feel! I despise turkey too. hope your mom is doing better now that she has wheels.

Juan said...

Have a very happy Thanksgiving. I appreciate your blog.

Old Lurker said...

I appreciate your blog too.

Ur-spo said...

LOL you are another blogger buddy who made a list of thanks who started the list with their pets.
On this weekend of gratitude I pause to be thankful you are my friend.

Mark in DE said...

Hope the holiday was good for you. I appreciate/enjoy your blog.