Wednesday, November 07, 2018


"Hopeful" is not the adjective one would normally put towards me - unless it was the mid-80s and the bars were letting out and I was horny, or if there is a $1.6 billion dollar lotto to be had.

Of course, one has to be hopeful these days, or it just becomes the largest murder-suicide pact known to mankind outside of Jonestown.

See what I mean about me not being naturally hopeful?

Unfortunately for all, I'm more of a realist than an optimist. While a wave of blue would be nice, I'll settle for an estuary.

The Senate would be great, but that would mean winning, I think, every race and that doesn't seem realistic. The House seems a better bet.

Here it is 21:48 and I don't have a clear picture on so many things. My besties and I are texting for fun, but then it gets real when someone refuses to talk about going to Mexico or seeing Peter Murphy in February of next year. 

The House is still possible. At the writing of this, 82 / 89, so we need some catching up.  ....and then just like that it went to 84 / 95.

IF we don't make a dent in this election, it is over. How can the Dems expect to win anything in 2020?

I was hopeful when I started this post.  Now I'm turning off the TV and not looking at another news site. I just don't understand. For the life of me, I cannot figure this country out. There will be no way to rebuild / recover any of this in my lifetime - which is hopefully short.

Sorry to have brought you all down.  Maybe it will somehow all turn around by the time I wake up. 
.....and I'm back to 'hope'.

Song by: Joni Mitchell

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Bob said...

Is it great? Nope.
But it's good; and it's good because Dems won a lot of local races which bodes well for the future.