Friday, November 30, 2018

Gotta Get Away

So, today is just a little - well, lengthy - video clip.

A little "treat" for you.  Kind of.

I said the last few days I had some posts in me, just not the energy.

I'm feeling a little better. I stayed home from work and in between work calls and emails, I finished a very fractured video. I wanted it to be better when I was shooting stuff, but the audio is off here and sorry about that.

Go make some popcorn, pull up a chair and cop a squat for 9 minutes or so. You'll want to stay until the end.

Song by: the Black Keys


wcs said...

The ending is perfect!

anne marie in philly said...

weird al yankovic outdoors! a bad ann frank joke! big ben under wraps! a protest march! brett - WOOF! paris! and someone missed you VERY much!

with all that, no wonder you are sick!

Travel said...

Looks like fun, places I need to revisit.

JP said...

EasyJet? That’s how we do things round here. Glad to hear The St Ermins Hotel in London wasn’t too swanky for you after all. I hope the room wasn’t the size of a postage stamp. X

(no longer the other) Brett said...

Was wonderful to finally meet up after all these years !! Crazy it took several moves, continents, and cities to accomplish this. Big hugs to both x

Raybeard said...

Ah, the memories! Amsterdam, which I visited 35 times throughout the 1980s - and Paris, though a mere 15 times in that decade. Got to know both of them better by night than daytime. Oh, the nocturnal 'excitements'! The conquests! The what-might-have-beens! The being zonked out shamefully too many times!
If only I'd had a Shep to have welcomed me back home, then returning would have been something to look forward to.
Thanks ever so.

Anonymous said...

Love this!!!