Thursday, October 31, 2019


It's that sacred day for some of you.  

But I thought you could see a skeleton with the bones spelled out could be an educational opportunity for you all. 

We have no dress-up plans, we rarely do. I'm 98.1% sure we won't get trick-or-treaters, we rarely do. Three in 13 years, to be specific.  And tonight calls for rain. 

I'm considering not even buying candy - which would be a first. We're still not eating it, so why have it should no one show?  Should they, I have packets of soy sauce for them. That should be enough. 

I"m almost sure we wouldn't get TP'd afterwards. 

Song by: Rickie Lee Jones

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

the Lighthouse's Tale

We went to see the Lighthouse on it's opening weekend.

Oh my!

Rotten Tomatoes said it had a 92% rating.  From the critics.  78-ish% from the viewers.

Let's start with their genre for the movie, according to IMDB.  Sorry.  Genres. Plural:  Drama, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy.

Yup. No comedy or anime. Nooooooo Siree.

Still, it's four genres because.........while not quite all over the place, it just kind of defies description. And there are parts that are fantasy / dream sequence, but after a while you're not sure if what you're seeing is part of the dream or the reality.

While now reading reviews (you know me and that), the LA Times called it "a blistering funny squall of a film".  I don't know 'funny' applies, but don't expect there is a comedy in here anywhere.

Set in the late 19th century, I couldn't tell if they were in New England, Canada, the UK.  Allegedly the film is set in Maine.

Cedric Diggery Robert Pattinson's accent never quite stood still. There was a time I thought he had to be from Ireland, and then just the good ole USA. He mentions Canada, so who the ef knows.

There are mainly two characters - anyone else is just fantasy......or are they? - working together for what is to be four weeks at a lighthouse out on a solitary rock. Still, time in a remote place isn't time at all - there is almost no accounting for days, nights, weeks or months. The isolation of it all seems to lead the keepers to madness.

There is some foreshadowing of that, when told that the last wikkie (lighthouse dude) went insane.

The Green Goblin Willem Dafoe is a little more stereotypical of a seaman.  ....hehehe....seaman.  Beard, hat. corn cob pipe and the sailor / pirate speak, straight out of Melville (whom the filmmakers thank in the ending credits).

Both he and Pattinson have some great monologues. Dafoe doing the longest - and he. never. blinks.

Of all the discussions and arguments they have, the one that seems to hurt / register with the Dafoe's character is that the younger wikkie doesn't like his cooking. He seems heartbroken.

After reading a dozen or so reviews and few hilarious articles with the director / co-writer, no one ever mentions Pattinson's character refusing alcohol until his supposed last night on the island. He claims it to be against the rules, but even I figured there was more to that.  Once he drinks, it's not far till the wheels come off.  And both characters trip into madness.

A lighthouse can be symbolic of strength, solitude, a beacon or a big old penis. In a way, it is all of these things in this movie.

If you read the reviews, they're all over the place on the 'meaning'. But that's why it got a 92% from critics. They think they're smarter than the average movie-goer and are artsier than us fartsy guys.

The movie is filmed in black and white and in a square frame. Allegedly, this is to make you feel right there - with no where to escape in viewing. That actually works - whether you like it or not.

Interesting tidbits from movie:  they built their own 70' lighthouse. Existing ones were not at the right locale and were working, but they said they couldn't get a tracking shot they needed, and couldn't afford a crane.  Wait. Couldn't afford a crane, but building a lighthouse was in the budget??  Clearly I don't know the price of crane rentals.

I'd put this movie somewhere in the realm of the Lobster, but just in terms of uniqueness / weirdness. I'm not sorry I saw it, but it's tough to recommend. But I can say, I won't see a more unique movie this year than the Lighthouse.

2019 Movie Count / Goal: 17 of 15

Song by: Nickel Creek

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Shopping with Blobby

Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think.

While normally I do a grocery item for this segment, though I have been known to branch out - like today.

This was an item 'of interest' in my amazon feed. Clearly, they know me, but they don't.

They don't know my jewelry needs.  They certainly do not know my knowledge - or lack there of - regarding Morse Code. They do, however, understand my sailor mouth.

So, while off on two of the three, I'm sure they thought I was somewhere in their venn diagram of potential buyers for this........

You'd have to embiggens and zoom in on the 'jewels' on the bracelet, that one assumes spells out the expletive in dots and dashes.  I have not yet (nor will) confirm or deny it. 

While you won't pay the reasonable price of $19.99 to show off your new bangle to someone you particularly dislike, it is good enough just to know you could.

Monday, October 28, 2019

My Music Monday

After last week's 1980's turn,  I decided to stay in the decade, I mean - why not?

A few weeks back I heard on Sirius XM a song from the gay clubs circa 1986-88. Maybe it was played elsewhere, but not as likely.

Oh - the song. Yeah. "The Great Commandment" by Camouflage.

I know nothing about the band or any other song they may have had. I could fake it and wiki it, but that seems like a lot of copy / paste.

You can just relive your time at Tradewinds / Eagle / Hamburger Mary's / Ripcord / 1470 East / ger the idea.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Shake it Off

I cannot stop watching this.

Two things strike me with this entire clip / scenario:

  1. Moscow Mitch honestly can't believe someone would think so little of him, that they'd out and out ignore his hand.
  2. Moscow Mitch turns to Chuck Schumer, almost in disbelief. I'll give Chuck this, he didn't burst out laughing, as I would have. 

But this also tells me that Chuck is probably way more compassionate to Mitch than we'd like to believe. It's the same stories as Ruth Bader Ginsberg actually being friends with Scalia.  Washington DC is all very incestuous that way.

That said - I'm glad for the mourner to not be polite to a man who has thwarted so many things in DC, especially to the people of colour and the impoverished.

I am equally committed to giving $$$ to the person who will be running against Moscow Mitch in 2020......and I don't even fucking live in Kentucky.

He must go.

Song by: Taylor Swift  (ok, I don't own this, but I had nothing else to go with the post so effectively)

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Big Boys

Another week of hikes, daycare and dog parks. ....and some home life.

Not only running with the big boys, but taking charge!

...and she takes charge at home. 

Shep made the daycare IG feed again. I have not idea who the others are. 

Soph - up close. 

Autumn Shep.  He looks great against the lake.

Same notch; different nose

Song by: Elvis Costello & the Attractions

Friday, October 25, 2019

Me, Myself & I

I've been to a zoo.  I've been to Paris.

But they're kind of rounding down the number.

Song by: John Prine

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Losing Ground

Sorry to say this - but I kind of have to give it to the Republicunts. They have the chutzpah to do somethings the Dems would never do. 

This has been the case for decades. And it's why the Dems lose so g-ddaamn much of the time. 

I had such a visceral reaction to the GOP storming into closed door proceedings, I can't even tell you. I feel it is the actual start of some fucking revolution that has been on our doorstep for almost three years now. We've been talking about it coming - and I know boom - here it is.  It's been here, but now they've physically taken the first step - literally. 

For the last three years, my cohorts are all about "Resist".  "Revolt". 

Guess what? We're not the ones who took that cause to action except with pink pussy hats. The GOP is actually revolting.......and as a verb, not an adjective.  Well, they are both. 

In a lot of their voter's eyes, they've got them believing that these sessions are super secret without the ability to confront the accuser. They're not accusing anyone - they're testifying. And there is an entire process that has been around for hundreds of years. But now the Repubs are playing on the fact that their constituents don't know this.  I'm not sure the representatives know this either. 

They certainly don't care. 

Some are calling it 'a stunt'.  It's NOT.  This is fucking serious. 

The GOP already got away without bringing forth Obama's supreme court nominee.  The Dems didn't have the gonads to do anything similar............and now we have Kavanaugh. 

The Dems didn't even have the fucking balls to tell the Sargent at Arms to call Capitol police and have them arrested, which they could have easily done. 

The GOP has changed the discussion on the impeachment hearings. They're winning. 

I blame the media on this as well. Tons of reporters around that fucktard, Lindsey Graham, and he continues to spout the lines about facing the accuser, blah blah blah........when he knows for a fact this isn't how it he was happy to ride the Clinton impeachment with due process. He just won't let it go for anyone else..........but that isn't the question that media asks him nor has his answer (lie or otherwise) on camera.  They're weak. 

But this is how one brings down a democracy.   And they're still winning. 

Song by: PJ Harvey

Wednesday, October 23, 2019


Oh, how I am awaiting for this book to be published.

For context - for those of you who might not keep up with the news, or for historians who read this millennia from now - a book is to be released by someone who is currently in, or possibly no longer in, the current administration.

The same author - gender unknown - wrote an op ed for the New York Times a year ago, which said they were part of the resistance within the White House.

At that time, everyone was "ohhhh, who could it be?".  Jared? No, not the 6" Subway guy. Kushner wishes he had 6" or any kid interested in him.  Pence?  No - he only writes about bunnies who don't have to bake wedding cakes for guinea pigs.....or something like that.

I'm not 100% sure Ivanka can read, let alone write, so I don't think it's her.

I mean how much would it suck if any of those three became some hero by spilling these beans?

The author did not take a 7-digit advance and is allegedly donating most of the profits of sales to charity, so they're not in it for the $$$$. 

Unfortunately, for the author, they might get beaten to the punch in regards to bringing down BLOTUS, now with the top US diplomat to Ukraine tying this quid pro quo thing directly to BLOTUS and Guilani.

I am all in for folks truly chipping away at this presidency.  And if things at 1600 start to break apart like ice in the Arctic, so be it.

I'm totally ordering a copy of this book.

Song by: Green Day

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Skin Deep

Well, it's official:  no skin cancer.

The pathology came back a week after they scooped the moles off my body.  They say it's "all clear". I got no more 4-1-1 than that. But I suppose I didn't need anymore.

So, now instead of a mole or two, I'll have a scar or two. That's fine. I have so many scars at this point, what's another two.

It looks like someone burned me with a cigarette while trying to get Rush off the radio station in the car.

What I did get was the message to come back in two years for another thorough mole search.  I suppose I will. I suppose I'll have to make the appointment soon - as you'd know if you ever tried (and I stress the 'tried') to get into see a dermatologist.

For the moment, I'm in the clear. least with skin cancer.

Song by: Nick Lowe

Monday, October 21, 2019

My Music Monday

I was contemplating what song to highlight for this week's MMM. Mind you, I wan't trying too hard, but still, it was at the back of my mind.

As we drove to the dog park (oh yes, shocker!), the XM channel, New Wave, played one of my faves:  "the Perfect Kiss" by New Order.

Originally released in 1985, the song is 10+ minutes long. It's not even the 12" version, which is actually shorter by two minutes.  Various other iterations would eventually be released on compilations that pared it down to just under the five minute mark.

Even at their third album mark, Bernard Sumner hasn't quite found his vocal footing, but I find the someone off-key singing a little endearing for it's time. With Joy Division, he was never meant to be the band's vocalist, he just inherited the job.

What just kills me about this track - and a lot of their music - was Peter Hook's bass. He has a great bass line the entire way through the song.  The keyboard and cowbell add a lot - and no, that's not a joke.

Yes, "the Perfect Kiss" is 10+ minutes long. Deal with it.  This epitomizes the 80s. least for me.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Podcast of the Month

I'm falling behind in my podcast listening, as well as writing. Sorry about that.

Currently, or now in the past, it has been some music podcasts.

A few months ago you saw I posted about a new Shakespares Sister song - their first in 27 years. The subsequent EP is coming out, but it's first new song underwhelmed me.

Still, I like the group, or interested enough to give their podcast a chance:  Ride Again - The Shakespears Sister Story.

This iteration of the group was together for two albums, and then called it quits........well......kind of. So honestly, there isn't too much of a story to tell.

Siobhan Fahey doesn't drop the word 'Bananarama' nearly as much as Marcella Detroit drops the fact of her working with 'Eric Clapton'.

As the group wasn't together that long, there isn't a lot to tell. There is no huge time commitment here . four episodes

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ride My Llama

So many pics this week, that I opted not to use them all.  I'll save some for slower weeks.

Shep to a new toy from our neighbor.  It's a llama.  I've named him Lloyd. 

Screw Wegman.  He takes pics of his dogs. Shep took this picture!
I was trying to line up a shot, he jumped on me and his paw landed on the phone, snapping the pic. 

Sophie - always needs the attention.  Dad #2, always giving it to her. 

Shep at the vet. Treat at the back of the counter. 
We had a really rough 12 hours with him. He's fine, but for a bit there, he is what I would call 
"Petey Sick". 

After the vet. At home, snoozing away. This was before he started feeling worse. 

Two of them. 

I don't know who this guy / gal is at daycare, but I might love them. 

Song by: Neil Young & Crazy Horse

Friday, October 18, 2019


So, this is how it is now, right?

The current Chief of Staff - which is the 3rd one? 4th? - out and out admits to the quid pro quo allegations and that BLOTUS was involved.....DURING A PRESS CONFERENCE!

So what's the end game with this?

My guess - it's to normalize the behaviour that goes on at 1600.  Well, to continue to normalize it. This is no longer to send up test balloons. It is a calculated effort to anesthetize the public to their unethical, if not illegal, business dealings.  They're hoping when / if it comes time for impeachment hearings that people, including congress, will shrug.

Should that happen, I have a no belief that the 2020 election isn't already in the bag...........for BLOTUS.

While clearly it is the worst case scenario, it's also the reality.

What a fucking depressing turn of events........which says a lot during this administration.

Song by: Pat Metheny

Thursday, October 17, 2019


Sorry folks.

Nothing today.  I was single last night and taking care of an under the weather puppy. 

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


So, I had an appointment with a dermatologist on Monday. I'm not fond of this service line, as when I was in my teens and had horrible acne (and bacne), for four years I saw him monthly with no real improvement in my appearance.

Only on the one visit right before I left for college did he mention I shouldn't take the medication I'd been taking for four years with milk.  I religiously took the medication ever morning after eating a bowl of cereal.

Oh - he also said, "this will clear up when you turn 18".   LIAR!

But with aging, one seemingly gets skin tags. Lovely.

I am vain enough to want them removed, but motivated enough to have it done. Until the other day. One just popped up, but sat right at my shirt collar level.  And it was like 1000 knives stabbing me at once. So I made an appointment to have it removed.

Oddly, in the four days between calling and going, the pain had stopped. But I went to the appointment anyway.  I still wanted to talk about them, but we got sidetracked.

As is normal with me and any doctor's appointment, things don't always go my way. They rarely do.

I've had mole checks before, but none this thorough. They looked head to toe.......and I mean EVERYWHERE.

They found two "suspicious" moles - which is a fucking miracle. I have a ton of them. Honestly, I have no idea - if you could see them - how you'd know if any of them changed.

Still this is one of them......minus the circle.

You can see a dark spot in the middle of the mole. So, they dug it out and sent it to pathology.

That's all I know, for now. I'm not horribly horribly worried.  Two moles out of the 874,331 that I have.

What I am annoyed with is, I still have the skin tags and we never got around to removing those.

Anyhoo.......after I hear from them, I'm sure I'll give an update. But it's always reassuring that got to go to the cancer center to get this done. Always a positive boost!

Song by: Harry Connick Jr. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ad of the Month

I keep hearing blurbs in media arenas that Facebook is pushing people joining FB groups as opposed to general posts. I'm guessing there is a dual reason here.

One.  They got a lot of flack for exposing people to Cambridge Analytica crap and still exposing ads to people in terms of upcoming elections. It could be - likely not - a face(book) saving move.

Two.  They're just making it easier to target people for x, y, z - depending on what group they join.

I'm probably going with the latter, though one factors in to two, easily.

FB is even advertising on TV for these groups. Usually, I ignore most ads, if not fast forward right over them. But...........dogs.

Not just dogs. Basset hounds.

Technically, Shep isn't full Basset, but we do love our hounds. And I loved the ad.

.....but I'm not joining their group.   Though Patsy Cline makes it sound better.

Monday, October 14, 2019

My Music Monday

Fleetwood Mac's Tusk is 40 years old.  Well 40 years and two days old.

How that fuck did that happen?  Back then I was in high school, waiting, knowing, I had to make it through school and then work, only then to drive out to Peaches Records to purchase the double disk for a whopping $16.99.  At the time, it was the highest priced record ever released.

While Rumours was more commercial, Tusk had way more appeal for me.  Selling only four millions copies, it was considered a bomb compared to the then 18 million for Rumours (now that number is past the 40 million mark).

Christine McVie's songs were not radically different here. Stevie Nicks' songs were not either, though longer, as the band had two disks in which to expand. It was Lindsey Buckingham - his songs and production - that had the band veering out of their normal lane.

With this disk, it is arguably the best Nicks' songs have ever been or sounded, and I would attribute that mostly to Buckingham's production work. She has the least amount of songs on the disk, but the most amount of time.

I'll use her "Angel" as today's example. Oddly enough, Bob Welch, when he was with the band also had a song by the same name.

Nicks says she tried to purposefully write a rock and roll song, as most of hers, well, are not typically 'rock'. She succeeds, and she doesn't. It's a good attempt, but still has writing style intact. Oddly, this was probably a better choice for a single than "Sara", at least in terms of radio airplay, but it never came to pass.

40 years later, I still like the album, and the song.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

12 of 12

So I'm doing my 115th 12 of 12.

Normally it is 12 pictures taken on the 12th of the month. Since I only post once per day, you get my images the following day. All pictures taken with my iPhone. Click images to enlarge, if you choose.

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from, what I can tell, any number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad is no longer doing this, nor is successor coordinating the linking of other 12 of 12'ers anymore. Now it's just myself - that I know it's the only blog post he's still doing......for now.  

04:45.  Failed Dog Walk. 
It was pouring, we made it to the garage and Shep turned around. 

04:55.  Catalina. 
OS upgrade on my Mac. It took well over and hour to complete. 

05:40.  What 05:40 looks like in our household. 

10:10.  Playing possum.  
He's actually not playing.  He dead. 

11:30.  Two and one-half months in, and some of my toe nails are still sporting black polish. 

12:50.  Post picnic hike along Lake Erie.
Choppy day at sea.

13:30.  Gotta poop.  
Yes. EVERYBODY does it!

14:30.  Canine Meadow stop after hike. 
Shep ran and ran and ran and ran. Sometimes was chased. 

15:10 . 710 putting gas in my car - what a sweetie. 

16:00.  Checking the mail. 

19:30.  There's a moon in the sky (called the moon).

20:00.  Fuzzy Pants.
We are hitting the low 40s. Breaking out the fuzzies - with dogs. 

Saturday, October 12, 2019


It's pet day !!  Lots of Sophie today.  She was a good subject this time out.

Sophie found a patch of sun, as she is apt to do. 

Shep didn't want to play with the beagle puppy.  I did, but he ignored me, like Shep ignored him. 

3 corgis.  One of them is named 'Kevin'. 

Afternoon walks have been hell.  Squirrels EVERYWHERE.  I'm going to lose an arm. 

Hangin' 1. 

Hangin' 2 - but Sophie's face!

Hangin' 3.  

And Wally. Or Wall*E, and I call him. 
Basset for sure. And maybe part Holstein. His ears are too short for basset or beagle, but I try to show him love any time I see him. 

Song by: Talking Heads