Thursday, October 03, 2019

Ad of the Month

You know how I normally do "funny" ads (quotes, as "funny" is relative)?  This time, not so much.

Ohio - at least Northern Ohio - has been in the midst of potentially shutting down both our nuclear power plants. I'm not a fan of nuclear power, but I'll say this about the one closest to us: the tax dollars First Energy pays has made those communities thrive. They have state of the art schools and facilities, and they've helped the parks up there too.

Sure - there is that half-life of plutonium problem, but so far.......   We take Shep up that way often for that town's parks.

Anyhoo......there are groups that want a government bail out of the plants to keep them going. WHAAAAAT?  Isn't that......socialism?????

But the ads, which I stopped paying attention to's Ohio and nothing good politically happens here lately.  But part of this one caught my attention:  first it was the communist China part.......then it was an ad I cannot find on line. 

They give you a number to report anyone who it asking to sign a petition.  Yes, they are sending out people to scare other folks and physically intimidate them.

I am not even sure who is who at this point, but with these tactics, I just want the other guys to win - no matter who they are.

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