Saturday, October 05, 2019


Even so-so pics of Sophie and Shep are still respite for the soul.  They always make me smile. That's what's important.

One of Shep's go-to parks. They've drained the lake to fix a dam. And in the distance?  The Goodyear Blimp. 

Up close 

Post Daycare 1.

Romping in Erie's surf.  He loves water so. 

I was a happy man with this. Normally, 710 is in the chair with them, never me. 

Post Daycare 2.  This boy really knows how to go out - and go out hard. 

Song by: LCD Soundsystem


Raybeard said...

Fab pics as always, though these are ESPECIALLY fab!
In both Sophie's appearances here she's very camera aware, though it could be that you've had to make a sound to get her to look in the right direction. Even so, you never can tell what's going on in that little brain behind those big, wide and alert eyes.
My most recent arrival/gatecrasher/'lodger', Bobby, sleeps on his back like Shep is doing in pic #3 here, though I think it's something to do with his being so plump, rather like your Sophie. At least he doesn't snore (do cats EVER snore?) as I suspect your Shep may well do.

anne marie in philly said...

sophie's first pix - "que, papi?"

anne marie in philly said...

@raybeard - my nyla (sophie's twin) snores sometimes.

Bob said...

I'm getting a Queen Victoria vibe from Sophie today. I like.

Deedles said...

Shep- always a mood lifter!