Sunday, October 20, 2019

Podcast of the Month

I'm falling behind in my podcast listening, as well as writing. Sorry about that.

Currently, or now in the past, it has been some music podcasts.

A few months ago you saw I posted about a new Shakespares Sister song - their first in 27 years. The subsequent EP is coming out, but it's first new song underwhelmed me.

Still, I like the group, or interested enough to give their podcast a chance:  Ride Again - The Shakespears Sister Story.

This iteration of the group was together for two albums, and then called it quits........well......kind of. So honestly, there isn't too much of a story to tell.

Siobhan Fahey doesn't drop the word 'Bananarama' nearly as much as Marcella Detroit drops the fact of her working with 'Eric Clapton'.

As the group wasn't together that long, there isn't a lot to tell. There is no huge time commitment here . four episodes

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The Cool Cookie said...

I am a huge Bananarama fan, and that led me to Shakespeares Sister.
The problem with Banarama is that it was always with the two main Banana's who are such good friends that they third banana - first Siobhan, and then Jackie - was always were made to feel like a the "B" friend. You know, your in, but the first one dropped off after the show.
The problem with Shakespeare's sister is that a) Siobhan holds a grudge, and b) she needs someone else, like Marcella, to temper her. That and Siobhan is a manic depressive.
But the whole fricking problem is ego. Bananarama hasn't had a real hit as a duo because they have weak voices - Siobhan brings that to the table.
And I love Marcella, anyway she comes.