Friday, October 11, 2019


Honest to Yahweh, these buttholes in DC are making it impossible not blog about them.

Shrub aside, I haven't really blogged about current administration for two weeks. At least I've refrained from a few times per week. I guess it's progress, but at what cost?   At what cost????

I keep reading things about the impeachment noose getting tighter around BLOTUS' neck. It'd be nice, if true. I'm just not sure I believe it yet.

Of course, things are looking up - I mean, unless you're in said administration. Now you find out how potentially stupid they are.  And I'm loving it.

Right now it is circumstantial "evidence" that Rudy G. is the guy who is going to make this whole thing unravel. But I'm hoping there is a really good game of connect-the-dots coming our way and soon.

The only way this could get better, is if Ivanka was fellating these two guys from the Ukraine. And the killer would be, she wasn't even doing it for dirt on the Bidens or to help our her dad - that she was doing it just for fun.

To be honest, there is almost too much information semi-coming in at one time. It is difficult to keep track of what is real versus speculated, let alone what it all means in terms of the potential impeachment.

Right now, these Ukrainian men seem to have no Biden investigation connections, but they might have (read: probably) participated in campaign finance violations.  But I have to believe, two men from the Ukraine on a separate matter, when the other matter also involves the Ukraine?

Connect-the-dots cannot come soon enough.

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Travel said...

Rudy-Rudy-Rudy, I wonder if he got his nightly bedtime call last night?