Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ad of the Month

I keep hearing blurbs in media arenas that Facebook is pushing people joining FB groups as opposed to general posts. I'm guessing there is a dual reason here.

One.  They got a lot of flack for exposing people to Cambridge Analytica crap and still exposing ads to people in terms of upcoming elections. It could be - likely not - a face(book) saving move.

Two.  They're just making it easier to target people for x, y, z - depending on what group they join.

I'm probably going with the latter, though one factors in to two, easily.

FB is even advertising on TV for these groups. Usually, I ignore most ads, if not fast forward right over them. But...........dogs.

Not just dogs. Basset hounds.

Technically, Shep isn't full Basset, but we do love our hounds. And I loved the ad.

.....but I'm not joining their group.   Though Patsy Cline makes it sound better.

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