Thursday, October 24, 2019

Losing Ground

Sorry to say this - but I kind of have to give it to the Republicunts. They have the chutzpah to do somethings the Dems would never do. 

This has been the case for decades. And it's why the Dems lose so g-ddaamn much of the time. 

I had such a visceral reaction to the GOP storming into closed door proceedings, I can't even tell you. I feel it is the actual start of some fucking revolution that has been on our doorstep for almost three years now. We've been talking about it coming - and I know boom - here it is.  It's been here, but now they've physically taken the first step - literally. 

For the last three years, my cohorts are all about "Resist".  "Revolt". 

Guess what? We're not the ones who took that cause to action except with pink pussy hats. The GOP is actually revolting.......and as a verb, not an adjective.  Well, they are both. 

In a lot of their voter's eyes, they've got them believing that these sessions are super secret without the ability to confront the accuser. They're not accusing anyone - they're testifying. And there is an entire process that has been around for hundreds of years. But now the Repubs are playing on the fact that their constituents don't know this.  I'm not sure the representatives know this either. 

They certainly don't care. 

Some are calling it 'a stunt'.  It's NOT.  This is fucking serious. 

The GOP already got away without bringing forth Obama's supreme court nominee.  The Dems didn't have the gonads to do anything similar............and now we have Kavanaugh. 

The Dems didn't even have the fucking balls to tell the Sargent at Arms to call Capitol police and have them arrested, which they could have easily done. 

The GOP has changed the discussion on the impeachment hearings. They're winning. 

I blame the media on this as well. Tons of reporters around that fucktard, Lindsey Graham, and he continues to spout the lines about facing the accuser, blah blah blah........when he knows for a fact this isn't how it he was happy to ride the Clinton impeachment with due process. He just won't let it go for anyone else..........but that isn't the question that media asks him nor has his answer (lie or otherwise) on camera.  They're weak. 

But this is how one brings down a democracy.   And they're still winning. 

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