Thursday, November 08, 2018

Getting Away With It

Jeff Sessions is a weak piece of shit.

This is not news. 

He had to see his "resignation" coming, right? I mean, even BLOTUS said he'd wait till mid-terms were over.

.....and technically, to like the second, mid-terms were over and the eldest Keebler elf was "quitting".

And that's why he is weak. Make the scumbag fire you. Make him do the work. But no - you take one final pucker to his tuchus. 

Well done Jeffey, well done.

BLOTUS has put a loyalist into the position. Someone who might - just maybe - wants to derail the DOJ and a certain investigation(s) that are currently in progress.

If Matthew Whitaker makes any move on DOJ employees or appointees, he will (or should) be challenged in the courts. He has not been confirmed by the Senate for any position; therefore, he cannot simply slip into the Acting AG position with anything other than managerial duties.

Only a confirmed appointee (doesn't matter where in the administration) can do this. Not that any of this is going to stop BLOTUS or Whitaker from trying to shut down this "hoax".

....and can Rod Rosenstein be far behind Sessions?

Since there clearly is little veil between Executive and Judicial, is there anything this shmuck isn't going to get away with?

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Bob said...

Clearly Jeff Sessions is the ONE Confederate monument that ____ doesn't mind seeing taken down.

Mark in DE said...

Saw that meme on Facebook and laughed out loud!

Fortunately I heard yesterday that the soon-to-be-democraticly held House has already put together legislation that basically saves all of Mueller's team's records should someone fire him.