Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Shut Down

Oh my stars.  I have to write a blog post I suppose.

I've stayed away from politics for a while - so you didn't get boo about Ivanka's emails. Nothing is going to happen on that front. The "liberal media" has barely touched it. The Ethics part of this administration is toothless. The administrations explanation of it was hil-fucking-arious.   {paraphrased} "This happened before anyone told us the rules of what we could and could not do".

Yes. And entire two year campaign, which centered on emails and emails alone.......and they didn't know.   J.F. C.

But I didn't come here to talk about that.

Is it wrong that I'm digging (a little) that due to BLOTUS' tariff wars that GM is going to lay off almost 15,000 folks? 

Is it wrong for me to hope that these rubes were BLOTUS supporters who said he was "different" and going to make things "better" "great" again?

Is it wrong for me to hope that for those folks being gassed at the border, that they go back into Mexico and take jobs at the GM plants that the company is shipping south of the boarder?

I cannot speak for the rest of the plants, but the one up near Cleveland, believed that BLOTUS would make things grea.......um.....good.  Even though GM is discontinuing the cars that this plant makes, the ones interviewed still think there will be opportunities for them.

Ummmmmmmm.....did you not read your soon-to-be ex-company's own announcement?

But if they listen to BLOTUS, these soon to be unemployed folks are not to sell their houses and stay where they are.........because good things will come their way?

I had clients in a town like these.  One major employer that went bankrupt......leaving all destitute. And no one to buy their houses because there was nothing in town for which to come.  You hear of people who have to walk away from their home......well this was an entire town. Couldn't afford to stay, but couldn't afford to move.  It's a lose:lose.

But these states are Ohio and Michigan - who were red for BLOTUS.  Let's see how that works out for the GOP in 2020.  Maryland being the only blue one.........and one that isn't likely to change shades in 23 months.

BLOTUS can paint it anyway he'd like, but with Harley Davidson saying they'll move jobs overseas due to these tariffs, and GM doing the same, it is likely they won't be the only two.

While I hate to see folks lose their livelihood, if this is what it takes to show the danger this man is to country and the world, I see them as collateral damage.

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