Saturday, October 10, 2020


It's here. Pet Day.   It was a rough work week, so there weren't tons of great photo ops. 

I have no idea how this escalated.....or how it ended. 

Shep WANTED those ducks.  ....but he can't swim.  ....that we know of. 

710's office distractor. 

Shep meets a very very cute 4 mo old puppy. 

My 'welcome home' greeting. 

Sunset Shep. 
Taken at the lake across the street from where my father grew up. 
My father would have ADORED Shep. 

Song by: the Alarm


Raybeard said...

Perfect mix of contentment and curiosity this week, with a gratis feline salutation thrown in - and an intriguing and slightly concerning first pic.

uptonking said...

Aww. Nice keyboard forearm warmer you have there. So very cute. All the pics are great. They both deserve many hugs. Enjoy your weekend.

Bob said...

Again, Sophie's punum!

anne marie in philly said...

sophie's welcome and shep's sunset photos are winners this week.