Monday, October 26, 2020

My Music Monday

Rosanne Cash and her husband, John Leventhal, put out a new song out last week. A one-off, if you will. 

"Crawl into the Promised Land" came out last week. 

Cash admittedly had time on her hands with sheltering at home and a cancelled tour - all she had to do was write songs. I found out about the tune via Cash's Instagram account.  As usual, I purchased it without hearing a note. 

Speaking of notes - if you click her hyperlink above, you can read the one she wrote regarding not just the song, but her words on the current political climate. One of the lyrics being “Deliver me from tweets and lies / and purify me in the sun.”, which that last part is hopefully hope for the future. 

All proceeds from the song go to the Arkansas Peace & Justice Memorial Movement, “an educational online memorial to commemorate the victims of lynchings in the State of Arkansas in collaboration with the Equal Justice Initiative and Coming to the Table.” 

The song is clean, though Leventhal's guitar work is extremely reminiscent of his playing on Cash's version of "Motherless Children", but I'm quibbling. Cash is in good voice - literally and figuratively. The verses are good, but I'm digging the structure of the chorus - with backing vocals from her son and his musical partner. 

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uptonking said...

I adore her. Heart her so much. Have been a fan since Seven Year Ache. Her voice and sensibilities are truly unique. A razor eye and a velvet touch.