Sunday, November 01, 2020

People Get Ready

 Well, we are two full days away from Election Day.  g-d help us all. 

Oddly, I STILL don't have an assignment for work at the polls. WTF.  I'm READY.......oh, and it's TWO DAYS AWAY.  

So today is the final installment of the voter sign series I've been doing. There seems to be no shortage of signs out there. A lot of basic ones (including in our yard), but some more attention getting - and I'm all for that. 

We live in a fairly liberal area, so you're not seeing too much outward support for BLOTUS, but it's there. And at this point, if anyone doesn't have any signage out in and around our 'hood, I'm assuming they are BLOTUS supporters. 

Last week friends Morty and Craig sent me some of their findings. This week, others from this here blog readers have sent in a few as well.  I'm very thankful for those. 

Settle in. I have a few more than I did in the other two.............combined!

While I took this one near work, GregM sent it to me also. 

A street over from us. I loved it. 

Made a U-y when I spotted this. 

Since Pappy Joe WILL be like 78 if he is inaugurated, I'm really kind of voting for Harris anyways. 

To the point. 

Allllllmost alliteration. 

Definitely GregM sent this one. 
It is fucking perfect. 

Go Heights Tigers!

A fuck of a lot more - that's how much. 

A hanger in an alley would be too good of an end for this guy. 
Also sent from Greg M (and one from Morty too!)

A totally doctored sign / photo someone sent me, but I'm allowing it. 

Becky - this around the corner from Anita's place!

German Village - in Columbus, OH.  Thanks Becky for the submission. 

The above two from the same house - as seen on our dog walk yesterday. 

Keeping it large for ya.  Becky captured this down in Columbus and highlighted the less than obvious. 

Fuck the yard sign - they went all billboard in the 216. 

......Ladies........and everyone else. Please. 

Someone's homemade sign in Cleveland Hts. 

...and in Columbus.  via Rebecca. 

Columbus storefront (via Mort) made me laugh. 

Oh, Shaker Hts and their $20 words!

(slow clap)

Fuckin' A.   (also from Shaker Hts)

Scariest Halloween decoration yet! (Shaker Hts)

Hard to argue with this one lately. 

Morty provides this nugget from Columbus

Harder to argue this one. 

And a note for all.  Use it if needed!

Oh - and I took the below in Foggy Bottom (DC) in March of 2018. Believe it or not, I have not used it. And it's the great end for this post!

Song by: the Housemartins


Raybeard said...

Very fine displays of sense of humour amid all the madness. If there isn't the result that sensible people want, a GSOH will be required to survive as never before, and I'm not sure that many will have enough of it left to call upon.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Unity over Division!——-Make Lying Wrong Again!

Mistress Maddie said...

Oh MY!!!! I loved seeing all those signs!!!! So real fun ones. The PA polls are STILL looking for poll workers, like 500 of them still, all over the state. Im am book myself, but would do more if I could.

anne marie in philly said...

dogs 2020 - YES to shep!

more great signs. we don't have a sign in our yard cause thieves. but we already voted blue.

krayolakris said...

Freakin awesome!

uptonking said...

Fingers crossed... hoping for the best. Prepared for the worst... sigh.