Saturday, November 28, 2020

Telephone Line

Sophie and Shep: Holiday Edition. 

Not tons of content:  homebound. thanksgiving and pos-op make for limited adventures with pets. We will make do.  We WILL survive. 

She can - and will - crash anywhere. But she's a wonder to see. 

Exploring up at Penitentiary Glen after a few mile long hike. 

Lake County - which is adjacent to us - has some of the best places to hike. But they are also one of the worst of the 88 counties in Ohio in terms of Covid positivity.  And almost everyone on our last trip - last weekend - was not wearing a mask. So, for the long future, we decided we can hike other places than anything in Lake County. 

Soph can't seem to stop playing with my laptop. Her paw pressure easily makes it tip over. 

Squirrel on a wire. 

Taunting Shep. This set him off barking, which then started any number of unseen dogs  - behind fences, doors, etc - start yapping. We could not stop laughing. 


Sophie is not phased by much. 

Song by: Electric Light Orchestra


James Dwight Williamson said...

Sophie charming two men’s feet and Squirrel on a wire! Blissful rest and relaxing for you both!

anne marie in philly said...

sophie is just chill.
the squirrel taunting shep.
and what's with all the maskholes? COVIDIOTS!

Raybeard said...

Every day is a series of 'events' in both their worlds.

Bob said...

"Relax-a-Cat" should be patented. We could all use one these days!

uptonking said...

Soph appears to have seen it all... takes a lot to impress her. My boyfriend has five and there are two that love my laptop... they sit on it... on the keyboard. Makes for interesting undoing... frequently I have no idea what they've done. Shep is a sweetie, too. Squirrlies are the bane of existence for my Hercules, too. Hope he never catches one.

Ur-spo said...