Monday, November 09, 2020

My Music Monday

It's been 15 years since Michael Penn has released an album. 

That is a long time for a recording artist. It's been so long that he no longer seems to own his own domain name anymore. Or owns it and took it down. 

Sure, Penn has done some soundtrack work and scoring (the HBO series, Girls comes to mind), but as a full out album - no. 

And that trend seems to keep continuing, as it seems his new song, "Revival" is a one-off, as it doesn't seem he has any other songs on deck to record to make an album. 

It is no accident the song came out a week before the election, as it is veiled about BLOTUS, but not so veiled. The name never comes up. 

Penn can be an interesting songwriter and has some good performances, but this is a 15 year wait for a song it seems he has already sung - music the same (or very similar), different words, eerily familiar arrangement. 

And I'm ok with that, while it's familiar, the music kind of make the lyrics sound "down", but if you listen, they are not - at least not always: 

"Can you hear it comin' / A revival / Oh there's good news comin' 

"Soon you'll be gone / you'll be gone / gone / you'll be gone / you'll be long long gone"

"So you better get ready / better tear down those gods / they were heretics, traitors and dunces  / well, who’d of guessed? / What were the odds? 

....and possibly my second fave of the lyrics:   "When they said you were special / always right, never wrong / and so, clearly it is destiny / that the world is all yours / not for long.

It's good to have Penn semi-back. It's good to have a song about looking forward while still semi-skewering BLOTUS & Co, even if not by name. 

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uptonking said...

Oh, he's even more handsome these days. Quite striking. He was married to Aimee for a bit? I have Romeo in Black Jeans on several collections I've burned. So many musicians to keep track of these days. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely.