Friday, November 20, 2020

Site of the Month

Instagram is not the Site. It's a site - but not THE one.  

UPS has their own page on the IG site. They probably have more than one - as many companies have business pages on all the social media platforms. 

But UPS has a fun side too. 

The Official Instagram for UPS Dogs. 

Perhaps there isn't a greater site in all the parcel transportation industry social media realm than this. 

I might have undersold it with that last line. 

Before we got Petey, the UPS driver used to give him treats. That was all well and good, until the driver left the truck to deliver a package to my sister. Petey would go in - find the treats (or their lunch) and eat them. 

Or - and more then once - he was in the truck unknowingly to the driver, who would leave with him in the back. More than once, he had to drive back to deliver Petey.  And that must have hurt too - as he would have been shocked by his invisible fence. 

After we had Mr. Pete - on walks if we saw the UPS truck, it was a sit and wait game. He would not budge an inch....on the hope for a treat.  Hounds!

Alas, our driver didn't do what his old one had. Yet Petey persevered. We had to wait for the truck to drive away before we could continue our walk. 

FYI - he knew the difference between UPS and FedEx.  He was a smart cookie. 


Raybeard said...

Clever boy! Not just a pretty face, then?

James Dwight Williamson said...

We love them for being exceptional or being just a friend!

anne marie in philly said...

cute petey story. some UPS guys are fun like that, and others are shitty SOBs.

Travel said...

I can imagine the UPS driver having to explain why he backtracked to a house he had already delivered to, to return the dog. I know these days, UPS trucks are tracked constantly, in my community the UPS online app hows us which of the four high rises they are parked behind.

uptonking said...

Cute. Love dog stories. Thanks for sharing.