Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps

Dr. Spo said in a comment in last Sunday's post about the election results:  "One of your happiest entries in a long while. :-) "

He's not wrong.  

Still it was kind of like turning a mirror my way, and I wasn't happy with what I saw. I knew it was there, for sure, but you kind of kid yourself that others don't see it AS doom and gloomy. 

2020 has played havoc with so many things, including this blog. While subtitled: 'stuff & nonsense', there has been little of that this year. 

I had seriously contemplated just stopping blogging at the end of this year had BLOTUS won the election. Spo was not wrong the lack of happy entries - and four more years of BLOTUS bullshit would have done me in, so I was going to opt out first. 

For the time being, it seems I have dodged that bullet - and to a lesser extent, so have you. 


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James Dwight Williamson said...

The desire for some way to write or create is either there or not.I think if we let some aberration of a human, control any of our wants and desires, then their twisted ideas win. I’m not as young as I used to be ,but I still know right from wrong. What I’ve learned is that- us good guys in whatever small way ,have to push the scale towards right sometimes, because there are many who have no good will or moral compass.

anne marie in philly said...

but EVERYONE loves your saturday posts; it would be a shame to lose those.

sometimes we have to discuss unpleasant things; it's part of life. my egg donor used to pretend everything was "sunshine and roses" til I called her ass out when I received my cancer diagnosis. I survived; our relationship did not, which was OK by me.

uncle joe is not going to have an easy 4 years. we MUST call out the h8 and the failures of the other side until they STFU or until we crush them like cock-a-roaches!

uptonking said...

Blogs reflect our lives... our thoughts, moods, states of mind. I think they should... whatever that might be. I am more interested in honesty than charades. Anyone can bluff their way to happiness... but, as the saying goes: you can never know the weight of a sorrow til you've earned a great joy's worth. Wishing you much peace.

rebecca said...

Yeah don’t stop til you get enough