Sunday, November 15, 2020


Wow.  White people suck. 

Mostly us white men. 

Well - almost completely us men. Though you cracker women are scaring me more than a bit. 

Of course, the map itself is scary. As minorities are the disenfranchised voters, and with so much red EVERYWHERE, it's a wonder that any democrat anywhere, ever, has ever ever ever ever been elected to anything more than student council. 

That's really all I got too. Clearly I don't get how people get elected. But neither does BLOTUS - and I don't sue everyone to change the results............but neither do I lose. 

Ok. Bedtime for me. I'm exhausted. 

Song by: the Cult


James Dwight Williamson said...

I thought I read 47% of whites voted for Joe. The youth vote and the Obama coalition has saved us again, Yes ,No, I don’t know! I see it as we beat our greatest fear , 4 more years of incompetence ,indifference and yammering like a bitch ,racism, hate and stupidity! It’s a big win! Ding Dong the glitch is dead, well at least for now!

uptonking said...

Stacy Abrams deserves a huge round of praise. In fact, people of color really turned this election and country around (I hope). Let's hope Biden's cabinets and appointments reflect that vote of confidence. I am now going back to my pre 2020 election battle cry... NO MORE OLD WHITE MEN!

Ur-spo said...

wow I have not seen such before.
White men always seem to stay in power don't they.