Monday, November 16, 2020

My Music Monday

I am just going to get this out of the way. 

In the 10 years (yes 10!) that I've been doing My Music Monday, I can now say I've done my second Miley Cyrus song.  I apologize to all.  Or at least "most". 

A few months ago when Cyrus released "Midnight Sky" it was all about Stevie Nicks' ok to sample her "Edge of Seventeen". Curious, I listened and couldn't find any sample of the song.  As I had know the Nicks song for almost 40 years (think about that too!) I figured I would recognize anything taken from it. I didn't. 

Granted, I'm aging - perhaps my memory is failing?   Nahhhhhhh.  

Perhaps it's the "ooh baby ooh said ooh" inference? 

Maybe no one else heard it either, as Cyrus and Nicks have released a remix / mash-up version. Maybe it's nostalgia. Maybe it's a time when Nicks could use more than three notes. Maybe it's the mix itself (as whomever did a good job). But it certainly makes Cyrus' song better.  And Cyrus does a decent job adding a layered vocal on top of the 1982 song. 

I don't quite see the appeal of Cryus voice though. It's not horrible, but it's different and I'm guessing as some appeal to some folks - just not me. Though in this mix, it kind of works. 

....and is it just me or does the photo below look like Dolly Parton? 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Parton is her godmother, she’s an acquired taste but , she’s not suicidal and she has 150 million in the bank!

uptonking said...

This is fun. A nice re-imagining. I rather enjoy Mylie's bar singer voice. It sounds years older than she is... and, if I have been on the fence in the past... and I have... she sold me the day I saw her Mother's Daughter video and heard that song. I thinks she's brave and her evolution as an artist... yes, an artist... has been interesting. She's not content to be another product... she really has integrity. Provided her voice holds out... she's here for the long haul.