Tuesday, November 03, 2020

As If Your Life Depends On It

That is plan and simple as I can get this post. 

Today is THE day*. 

I would venture to say that today could be the most important day of our lives. This might surpass burying my parents, buying a house or getting married. 

If you haven't voted yet, and are registered, I cannot urge you enough to go out - regardless of the crowds or the weather. 

Prepare. Take the appropriate clothes, jackets, gloves, umbrella-ella-ellas, what have you.  Bring snacks, apples, cookies, protein bars.  Go easy on the liquids in case you have to wait too long.  You don't want to have to leave just so you can pee. 

I will be working at my assigned polling place, starting at 05:30 (see JP, all this training of getting up early is paying off!) and will be there at least 15 hours - which doesn't include if they opt to keep polling places open later than 19:30.  But still must be here to gather the ballots, shut down the machines - and depending on my role, transport the ballots (along with a republican counterpart) to a tabulating center. 

This will keep me busy the entire day to not wring my hands on how things are going nationwide. 

But seriously........................

..............because it does.  

*with a probable unprecedented number of mail-in / absentee ballots and certain states laws on how they count them, it might be a days before all are completed.  Then, of course, there will be the inevitable lawsuits. So.......it might be a while. 

Song by: Juliana Hatfield


James Dwight Williamson said...

Sleep tight , again very proud of you. The two persons in my house early voted , October 20, 2020, for Biden Harris in Florida’s 7th congressional district!

anne marie in philly said...

good luck today, blobby. hope you don't have MAGAts showing up with guns to "watch the polls".

Raybeard said...

My thoughts are with you today as never before, and with the small handful of my other American blog-pals. Desperately hoping for the outcome all truly sensible people desire.

uptonking said...

Thanks for volunteering. My vote was cast over a month ago and I checked and it has been accepted and will be counted. Yay. We do what we can. Take good care of yourself.