Monday, November 30, 2020

My Music Monday

I would put Neil Finn's songwriting ability up there with Lennon & McCartney. 

To be clear, I mean, the Beatles songbook, not say, Paul McCartney's "Let Him In". 

Be it solo material, duo records with his brother, or either of his bands, Split Enz or Crowded House, Finn has a way to make a tune - usually accessible without dumbing down to the masses. 

Of course, save for a few songs, I can't say they hit the charts, but that might be because he doesn't dumb down to the masses. 

Finn had a really good solo disk three years ago, but there has not been a Crowded House disk in over a decade. That is about to change.  

With some rotating members - Finn's two sons are now in the band, as is producer of their first three disks, Mitchell Froom (formerly Suzanne Vega's husband) - they are poised to release a new album in 2021. 

With all the accolades I just bestowed, it seems I'll do a 180 here on their first new song, "Whatever You Want". 

Of course, I had highest of hopes for it - so it might be on me while I feel this fails. Not horribly, but it doesn't live up to what I would consider a Finn standard. 

Finn's voice is good, but the song is just not that great. The intro rhythm sections had me hoping, as it was solid. But the chorus and verse is just weak.  I suppose it's better than nothing, but "Whatever You Want" doesn't measure up.  


Raybeard said...

Yes, sounds a bit like a promise unfulfilled, does it not?

Btw: Even back in 1976 I could never understand why 'Let Em In' got to our #2 (#3 in U.S.) and my view hasn't changed.

uptonking said...

Oh... this group. My heart. Crowded House. Amazing. I have everything. I was obsessed. Their bittersweet stuff is my favorite. This song? I will take it... kind of Split Enz meets Crowded House. More so than anything under the banner. I like the 80's synths and rhythm track. Fun. Peter Gabriel era. I look forward to giving them some money! :) Thanks for the heads up. So many slip past me.

rebecca said...

Fun vid tho