Thursday, November 26, 2020


I admittedly do not understand people. 

I have watched the news where people are traveling for Thanksgiving, while they clearly hear of, and know of, the rapid rise in Covid cases. They're unswayed. They don't care - about others, let alone themselves. 

My sister called two weeks ago and asked if we should do anything. While I haven't seen her in months, and I'd love to, I declined her lightly-asked invite. She totally got it. 

Honestly, if I'm breaking sheltering, it's not going to be for turkey. 

So - for the second time ever, we are having Thanksgiving at our house. The last time was in 1987.  This time, just the four of us:  710, Shep, Sophie and myself. 

710 loves turkey, so turkey we shall have - though it will just be a breast. I'll make sides - as long as one is mashed potatoes, since that is another request of his. 

But as this is Thanksgiving, I'm not one to normally speak about for what I'm thankful - but this being 2020, all bets are off. 

It's been a tough year for all - more so for others. So this isn't a humble brag, or it's not how it is meant. Both of us here have jobs - ones not completely affected by Coronavirus. Yes, I took a pay cut for a bit and had my 403b contributions discontinued for nine months, but.........I have a job. It keeps a roof over our heads and we don't have to worry about eviction, meals, utilities. 710 has one too. His company is struggling due to it - but his area is the only profitable one. 

I am very thankful for that. And for that, we are planning more of helping others out not just during the holiday season, but for the forseeeable future. I find it to be our duty. 

While I haven't seen my sister, we talk, we text - so it's not a loss. I think at this point it will be weirder to see her than not. 

I am thankful for my longtime friends. Our weekly talks, our constant texts kept my spirits up more than they know - because it was more than I ever said. I spoke of angst on this here blog and it was real. Mini panic attacks of the potential of dying alone in a hospital  room due to Covid. 

Admittedly I had become a little numb to that as the months went on, but as the cases surge here in Ohio, that angst comes back to visit me. I'd say it's not logical to have those feelings, but it is. Read a paper, turn on the news - see the masses being exposed, hospitalized and dying. 

Wow - this post has kind of become a downer. That was not the intent. 

I miss our Cleveland friends. Oddly, they are closer physically, but many of them are being far more careful than we - so now and then we run into them while we are walking - and catch up from opposite sides of the street, but no true connection. It's weird for sure. 

And yes, I am thankful for you. You all keep coming back. And I'm track (I think) to have my best blog year - in terms of hits. For what that's worth.  I just assume you folks have nothing better to do during this pandemic - tons of free time, so you stop by.  That works for me. 

Hope you all have a good day. Enjoy it. 

Song by: Shelby Lynne


Old Lurker said...

OMG that Rockwell remix. It's mesmerizing. Where do you find these things?

I hope you and the clan has a restful Thanksgiving, and that Sophie gets some turkey.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I think you undersell yourself, 1) You show your real face 2) You talk about real life stuff, holding nothing back about day to day stuff 3)Your blog has nothing to do with sex, although the stray leg or hand is fun 4)You have pets which you worship. I don’t find it hard to keep coming back. Anne Marie kind of comments another place I do. I’m thankful for political change. I’m thankful that even though I’m not rich I gave 300$ to a food bank this week and donated to both Democratic Georgia Senate races. I’m thankful my 88 year old mother is healthy. I’m thankful my Labradors Peyton and Grace love me. We will eat alone as my mother also lives in my large split plan house, we will put up a Christmas tree. A tree company that damaged my gate and fence repaired them Monday,and I paid them for the tree work and got free repairs. I want a vaccine I want Orange mess out and gone, but for now I’m thankful!

BlogMarkBlog said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Hope you all have a lovely day I am sure Sophie will be grateful to have you at home.
Happy Thanksgiving.

anne marie in philly said...

LOVE the modified rockwell!
you are smart to stay home.
I am grateful for all my blog friends.
it's just spouse and I and the 3 cats today; lasagna is on the table.

GregM said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Blobby!

We, too, are staying home this year and, for the first time in 11 years, I'm cooking for 2 instead of 16+. Let's hope Thanksgiving 2021 brings back some sense of normalcy.

Travel said...

Happy Thanksgiving, we are still above the sod, we have much to be thankful for.

uptonking said...

Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

rebecca said...

You know we’d Shirley McClain it at the nurse’s desk until they let us in