Wednesday, November 25, 2020

20 Dollar Nose Bleed

Short and sweet. 

Yesterday was nasal surgery day.  Blech. On most all levels. 

I wasn't nervous or anything - though maybe I should have been. I got to see all the pre-op videos and it's always a barrel of laughs when they get to the risk sections of surgery and anesthesia. 

Suffice to say, I didn't succumb to those risks....................that I know of. 

I have a little numbness on part of the roof of my mouth. That would last days......or weeks...........possibly forever. It's not debilitating. 

The drive to hospital was more worrisome. I was NOT going to let Paula Abdul's "Forever Your Girl" be the last song I heard before being put under. I hit the radio buttons hastily. 

As it turns out, the surgeon had music on when I got put in the OR.  "Hotel California"!!!   FUUUUUCK. What I would have given to hear Ms. Abdul one more time.  Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), right before I went under, I got to hear the intro to Heart's "Crazy on You".  Crisis averted. 

No one wants to potentially go into the afterlife hearing "you can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave". And yes, I totally get the irony in all of that. 

In my mind, I know it will get better. But as of this drafting, it pretty much sucks. 

Pain is extremely minimal and I don't foresee taking anything other than Tylenol. But now imagine your very very worst head cold............and multiply it by 47.  And that the snot you experience is blood.....well ..........and snot. 

I don't know how, or if I'll sleep. Or can. The other irony would be not dying prior to surgery because I couldn't breath, but doing post, so I could........and then didn't. But without the horrors of having to listen to the Eagles. 

Song by: Fall Out Boy


Raybeard said...

Sounds grisly, though relieved that you've come through at least the surgery part of it okay, but still with more aftermath to come, which I hope will feel very short-term with significantly fast improvements. At least if you've still got to wear a mask for this reason alone these days it won't attract much attention. 'Eagles' notwithstanding, hope you can 'check out' of this whole nasty business quickly.

James Dwight Williamson said...

I’ve heard a million sinus surgery stories , especially about post op . I can only wish you quick healing, little pain and excellent results. Interesting with time and flexibility to be such a company man , doing the surgery over a holiday weekend. Feel better, take any drugs you really need and don’t be a hero. Be yourself except a better breather very soon!

Travel said...

Get well soon, rest and heal,

anne marie in philly said...

I hope you heal quickly with a minimum of pain. pet the furkids, they will nurse you back to health. and I hope the surgery is successful.

uptonking said...

Be well. Take good care of yourself. Sending you thoughts of peace and healing.