Monday, November 02, 2020

My Music Monday

T-minus one day. 

Well, possibly more than one day. With so many people voting by mail, there is potential it will be a few days before there a winner is declared - at least by the popular vote. 

No idea about the Electoral one. At least, not as I draft this. 

Tonight, I will be at the polling station to which I'm assigned and set up the booths, the printers, download the latest voting records. 

Ya see......since people could vote 'early', and that closes at 18:00 tonight, we will download the newest voting roster of people who haven't yet cast a ballot. 

But while I'd like any - and yes, I mean ANY - supporter to up and die between now and when the polls open tomorrow, I still feel that everyone - and yes, I mean EVERYONE - get the legitimate opportunity to punch through their chad - and not leaving it hanging like Jeffrey Epstein.   .....or Florida circa 2000. 

If everyone truly had the chance to vote, BLOTUS would be out on his ass.  His 244 lb ass. 

But this is where my selection for My Music Monday comes in:  "Power to the People" from Patti Smith

The song has got to be 30 years old. I was still in Columbus. (It's 32 years old. I looked it up.). It's not the best song by Smith, but it resonates - and really does 32 years later. 

It's important that people we know have that power. I felt it after the Parkland shooting. I felt it after the death of George Floyd. We're not there yet, but I feel us getting SO MUCH CLOSER.  It's painful. It's ugly. It's soul-crushing. But I feel it's a two-steps forward and one back, especially with this administration and the festering of this country on which he's built his base. 

Yet I have to believe we can prevail. If I bitch here - it's for venting. I hope deep down I still have that flicker that we can be better. We have to be.

If you haven't yet:  VOTE.    To it tomorrow. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

You are a fine man, Be safe as you proceed with your volunteering. Power to the good! Let’s put dogs back in the White House! Champ and Major! 2020!

uptonking said...

Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best. Thanks for the Patti Smith song. I can't believe it's been 32 years! And, yes.. not the best song, but a good one. Take care. Thanks for doing your part!