Monday, November 23, 2020

My Music Monday

So Foo Fighters have a new song out - with a new album in February to follow. That, it hopefully something in which to look forward. 

Dave Grohl - excellent drummer and a seemingly good and funny guy - said their soon-to- be new disk, Medicine at Midnight, was inspired by Bowie's  Let's Dance disk. 

If so - this could be fun. 

There are less subtle hints of Bowie in their new song, "Shame Shame". 

It has the drums (not his) of the Niles Rogers produced Let's Dance.  ...ditto with his Chic partner, Bernard Edward's production of the Power Station. 

But the repeat of "shame shame" and it's chord progression and notes reflect a much earlier Bowie. Yet there is still enough of Foo Fighters on here to make it them, not a Bowie knock-off.  Again, he inspired them - it's not an homage. 

I'm enjoying it. 


Raybeard said...

I don't often warm to records coming out after around 2005, but this one rather appeals. Maybe it's the Bowie resonances, more my own era, which does it for me.

uptonking said...

My car has remained in neutral when it comes to Foo Fighters. They are likable, but nothing has revealed itself to be remarkable. I have admired their work ethic and common touch. This one? Hmm. I see what you're saying. It is interesting, for them... very accessible. However, once you learn where it can go... it goes no further... there are no surprises or sonic quirks. So yay, but I don't think it will move my car into gear. Nor does it require another listen. Shame, shame, shame... indeed.