Monday, April 16, 2018

My Music Monday

This month it is your choices.  Your favourite songs. Or at least ones you want to highlight.  I still have a few openings.......hint hint hint.  Still two more weeks left.....hint....hint.....hint.

This week it's Deedles' turn. The email I got - and I quote - says: You asked for it, so don't blame me for the gagging! We, my man, have totally different tastes in music.

Unless it's the Beach Boys' "Kokomo" I probably wouldn't gag. Maybe if it's GWAR or something. And part of the point of this is that all of your tastes ARE different than mine. 

I don't think I knew Ed Ames sang. I only knew of him from Daniel Boone.  And I feel the need to qualify that. I didn't know if from that show - I knew of him........meaning, I never once saw that show.

Deedles would probably be correct in saying it's not quite my taste, but the song is not out of the norm for a '60s tune regardless of who sings this. It's not bad by any means.


anne marie in philly said...

ok, I'll bite.

dee-lite, "groove is in the heart"
the trammps, "disco inferno"
sam cooke, "what a wonderful world"
benny goodman, "sing sing sing"
the five satins, "in the still of the night"

Deedles said...

Ed Ames was a singer long before he was an actor. He was one of the popular at the time Ames Brothers. This song always melts my socks! That last verse tears me up because of all of the years I've had with my balder half, and hopefully the years yet to come. Looks like I'll be having another Maudlin Monday.