Monday, April 23, 2018

My Music Monday

Reader's Picks.  Tis the theme this month. Perhaps longer.

This one comes from my friend Doug, in Chicago.  We were IM'ing last week and I was telling him of this "project". I knew should he participate, who his artist of choice would be:  Tori Amos.

The man is a fan-boy.

Amos, to me, has her moments, but I am no one to sit down and listen to a disk of hers beginning to end. It's rude of me to say, but to me she's always come across as a poor man's Kate Bush. She is much more prolific than Bush, as she has 16 or so original solo disks to her name - plus a few 'collections'.

It took Doug a little while to narrow down his choices - as the prospect had him reeling. Sometimes, Doug is too gay to exist, but I love him for it. Some of his choices were obvious - but he started really thinking and opted for "a Sorta Fairytale".   I hesitated to say yes, because I figured I might have already done that somewhere along the way, but a search of my blog tells me 'no'.

Actually, this is one of the songs I do like (hence why I might have included it before). Doug keeps hounding me to see her in concert with him. I probably should, but the shrill screaming in my ear would deafen me.  And that's just of him, not even the rest of the fans.

I have seen the video before too. It's a little strange.....and not just because it has Oscar winner, Adrian Brody, in it.


Cranky and Difficult said...

I too love Tori Amos

Deedles said...

Well, she's no Ed Ames, that's for sure :) This creeped me out so badly, that I couldn't get past 0:20!