Monday, November 13, 2006


On Larry King Live (which I refuse to link to) last week, Bill Maher said he'd "out" a number of gay republicans on his show (which I now refuse to link to) on Friday. It didn't happen. Right near the end, when expounding on Ted Haggard, I thought he was finally going to follow through - but alas, he did not.

I mean, on LKL, Maher did say that he wasn't going to out people who weren't already known to be gay - or hadn't already been outted somewhere else - just that they've just never been widely reported. He made it clear he did not want to get sued. He cited Ken Mehlman, the soon to be ex-head of the RNC, as one of those known to be queer.

In later time zones for Larry King's show, Maher's lines that more than implyed Mehlman might like men, were cut from the re-broadcasts. Can you believe it? CNN even wants any clip where Maher says that to deleted from YouTube.

I find it all quite amusing on a number of levels. One being that any slanderous story / rumour/ anecdote / lie, about any candidate this last election season were brought to the forefront on CNN (and every other network) during any number of their programs...all in the name of political 'reporting'. How is it that those things can be discussed ad nauseum, but not this? Oh that's right - because if anyone says anything bad about someone on Larry King, the host might be doomed to get no one else as a guest but the cast of Growing Pains. Not that he wouldn't revel in that too. C'mon - it's Kirk Cameron!!!

Maher never mentioned his Larry King appearance on Real Time (yep, still no link) - nor did he come close to disclosing other republican queers. I would have settled for any mention - even if it was that HBO's lawyers said 'no way'! That would have been understandable.

Going on a cable news network and pointing fingers and not coming through - well, that's just playing politics!


Unknown said...

Bill Maher lost a lot of credibility by saying one thing and then not doing it. I'm not a fan of outing staffmembers on the Hill personally, but don't threaten if you ain't got the goods.

And Kirk Cameron rocks.

Anonymous said...

Color me very disappointed. :(

rebecca said...

I love Sue. Do we know her?

And Blobby that would totally be you, if the slippers were Homer Simpsons.

Blobby said...

If you can get me some new Pteri claw slippers for xmas, I'm all for it. Though my Homer ones are tres warm. Wear em all the time.